Iraq War veteran on the challenges soldiers face upon returning home

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Iraq War veteran on the challenges soldiers face upon returning home
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Iraq War veteran on the challenges soldiers face upon returning home
Iraq War veteran on the challenges soldiers face upon returning home
When is military appreciation month, culminating with Memorial Day on Monday, as we salute those who serve it’s important to discuss the difficulties veterans faced after they come home? Looking at some is here, one and three veterans suffer from some form of depression. Veterans are twice as likely as non-veterans to die from accidental opioid overdose and 11 % of homeless adults in the US. Let’S bring in Shiloh Harris of wounded Iraq, war, veteran and an inspirational speaker, and we are absolutely honored to have you here with us on, especially on this Memorial Day weekend here Shiloh, if you could, could you take us in the best way you can take us Inside the minds, the hearts and psyche of War veterans and help us understand the trials of transitioning back to civilian life. Well, to be honest, I can only speak for my point of view and, as I was talking about earlier with a few of your Affiliates here in Dallas – is there’s so many different Dynamics with the VA and and how you get your ratings and whether you’re medically Retired from the military or whether you separate from the military and get a writing – and you know it, but you know I’m medically retired from the military. So I have a lot of care available to me not just through the VA, but also on the military side of it percentage rate. It is, and you know they suffer with opiate addictions and all these different things and I’m very complicated system squeaky will it’s like. I said I’ve been blocked, but I’ve been told. No I’ve been told no probably more than once, but I’m not afraid to go to the director – I’m not afraid to go to the town hall meeting and make what I believe and I believe that everybody should be able to do that with the VA and something I can move the Trump Administration on. Is there a stance on making sure that Benadryl getting care, although it’s still a system, that’s being changed at least I’ll, hopefully be home? Saving loan Administration is very dedicated to helping veterans. Have you had a chance to speak with President Trump at imagine he’d like to hear from you and let you speak to somebody he’s supposed to try to straighten out the system, and I know it’s a very convoluted system, but perhaps you can can help them. I get an audience I’ll tell him we, especially with the VA with the veterans. You know, whoever is willing to listen to talk about that. If anybody. It’S me, I’ve had a lot of XP and I know you know, but one thing that really does bother me right now is the opioid crisis, and I know that they are opening up the holistic, medicine and holistic alternatives to pain, relief and and that kind of Lifestyle for me, I can tell you 80 surgeries later three years of recovery. When I got introduced into Chiropractic Care through the Patriot project, it changed my life, the quality of my life. I was able to get off all opioids right now. The only reason I’m on medication is because I have high blood pressure because I’m from Texas – and we like Texas barbecue at least that’s what my wife says. I lived it really really crucial points here. You know homelessness, opiate, addiction, depression and it’s far too great. Among veterans – and you mentioned yours – is going to a chiropractor, I think you said and how you were able to get a more holistic regimen. That’S more natural and list depended on prescribed medication. If you were talking to some chiropractors who were watching or people who some of those centuries, how could they let veterans know that they are welcome there to help get them on a Morgan holistic road to recovery, many out there, and there are many that have joined The Patriot project to open their doors to Veterans, Purple Heart recipients, family members and I mean just opened up the door to get the veterans, antlered or people that are sacrificed and given for this country or freedoms and our Liberty. And if you have the opportunity to join the paper project, Baltimore find out more how you can be a part of that Source Chiropractic. Yes, it is a patron and then there’s another organization that I want to mention. That is, I mean just an amazing organization that I’ve been apart of for a few years now it’s called the coalition to salute America’s Heroes, and you know there’s so many things that face veterans and PTSD is such a misunderstood creature. Still that we experience is PTSD and there’s different levels of of struggles with this issue and anybody that out there, maybe even thinking that they have PTSD Sacramento California start seeking help right now, because PTSD is real. I have issues with PTSD I got injured in 2007. Is like I said, I’m supposed to do to take care of myself, so, if you’re a better than you’re struggling if you’re anybody out there struggling with me, PTSD or social issues, religion of what religion Shiloh incredible and we cannot thank you enough for your service and Your sacrifice and your spirit – and I want to thank you again – staff sergeant Shilo Harris for for being here and getting up is very important message. Thank you so much. Thank you.
Shilo Harris talks about the importance of helping our veterans.

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