Is Astrology Fake? Yes, But That’s Probably Fine. | Internetting Season 2

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Is Astrology Fake? Yes, But That’s Probably Fine. | Internetting Season 2
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thanks to the internet everything seems knowable all of those little Mysteries that used to fuel conversation who is that guy in that movie how big is the Pacific Ocean do you think that TV dog is dead now or so easily solvable everyone can just check their phone but there is one part of the internet that is drawn to things that cannot be Googled the mystical internet has arrived new apps like co-star astrology and the daily hun are part of a suite of Internet products rebranding the Zodiac for the digital set astrological sign memes dominate Twitter the hood which and online retailer who sells everyday magic for the modern Mystic has amassed over 260,000 Instagram followers for her hashtag which tips and beautifully stage tarot reading even Spencer Pratt the arch villain of the hills has reinvented himself as a crystal Outfitter because I wore this in the Celebrity Big Brother All Star house now is super protected but a lot of the appeal of this stuff isn’t really based in any strong held belief in the occult you don’t have to actually believe in astrology to be into it putting aside weather planetary alignments actually influence the personalized of human beings astrology and other non scientific practices are sometimes less about predicting the future than they are about helping to understand ourselves post hermit tarot card to Instagram as a way of signaling into version a piece of rose quartz stone is an expression of unconditional love love is who I am and astrology it’s basically the cosmic BuzzFeed quiz in other words this is a Content business as much as it is a spiritual practice there are for sure enterprising capitalists who are eager to profit off of all of this cool online retail Empire serving what it calls the divine feminine the egg is in I think but online mysticism is also filling a legitimate need this is a turn to a motion in the list of all of the data that dominates the Internet it’s a rejection of all the algorithmic data-driven hyperlogical crypto libertarian values that runs so much of what we do online in their place it carbs that room for intuition and empathy and yeah it all feels pretty girly but men have their online mysticism too it just looks a little more like this Chisholm is obsessed with conspiracies drawing connections between historical events in random images semonin mysticism on the internet at least six to draw spiritual connections between human beings and Gemini so does Tucson I’m a Gemini too so I’m of two minds about this whole Trend Micro marginally twin points out that this is all a ploy to get women to spend more money on useless stuff but my more compassionate twin appreciate the corner of the internet that values Justice and the horoscopes are meant to be healing after all the woo crazy in the vagina Jade egg pales in comparison to this in this context which reading into the mystical internet actually feels like a quite rational move hey this is Amanda like the videos please like comment and subscribe Scorpios weird
From astrology memes to Instagram crystals, mysticism is taking over the internet. Is it all irrational nonsense — or is it a necessary corrective to the data-driven, hyper-logical, crypto-libertarian values that rule the internet?

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