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hey I’m Frankie and waiting to be talking about vegans on the environment that people gave me so many different reasons I love animals our planet and its impact on a planet that we going to be talking about in the US has been a 600% increase in the last three years over the UK number to prison by 352 send industry for example that’s expected to be worth $4 by 2020 on Instagram is like 92 million post when it comes to vegans vegan recipes with published and that was when someone use oil instead of butter and eggs then we have to wait hundred years to the word vegan speaker vegan at the HUD in stool a pig being slaughtered on his uncle’s Farm huge Tulsa pricing grown in the 90s because quinoa was getting so popular constantly and they were some of the fertility which is really bad for the environment summer quotes Olivia was saying that because that’s so much quinoa next take a sleeping it’s packed full of vitamins and it’s the foundation of loads vegan food it’s also one of the big ingredients when it comes to animal face on big massive Open Fields in stomach rainforest because the mom to the sweeplings increased that means some of the Amazon rainforest animals actually if people stopped eating animals 10th more vegan products is that really going to have a difference because the demand might still be that wish I could get some expert advice on this Victoria Gayle science and environment correspondent for the BBC and let me take just a moment to tell you about how if we all tend vegan it could dramatically animal products provide calories the use of fast majority of Farmland about 18% things that individuals can do to make it different I’m supposed to break down. deforestation even when the growing food for animals that take the place of water and lots of people say that no oldest will be sending the countries that says Industries hole creates 15 the greenhouse emissions across the world advice from the UN Local Foods the reduction of food waste consumption of fish from sustainable stocks only and the reduction of red and processed meat so is becoming a vegan environmentally sustainable just to show you how complex that issue is as we all try to do a little bit say the environment has just one of those we already for juice one and a half times the amount of food to feed everyone on this planet okay so that was one of on you Youtube explain as if you liked it you know what to do if we subscribe and comment for life
Are you a vegan, thinking about going vegan or a total meat lover? Whatever your preference, an increasing number of people are choosing the plant-based diet.
Everyone has their own reason for doing it whether it’s for health reasons, to reduce animal cruelty or to protect the environment. But how environmentally-friendly is being a vegan?
In this video we explore the impact some of the most popular vegan foods have on our planet, comparing them to the farming industry.
Presented by Frankie McCamley. Produced by Phoebe Frieze

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