Is gun control on the rise in Canada? | Sunday Scrum

we have been working with the Toronto and will continue to do so with draw two and other communities are cross the country obviously proposing stronger relation with respect to Firearms particularly background checks which may have been irrelevant consideration here bearing in mind the other references to Mental Health Goodale on Power & politics this week many are calling for stricter gun laws after that deadly shooting in Toronto that includes the city of Toronto they will ask Ottawa to ban the sale of handguns within City Limits so let’s get back to her Sunday scrum is he with I have to say about this John is in Ottowa Vicki’s on Skype Vicky I’ll begin with you what do you make of this call to Ben handguns altogether will it in fact reduce violence in the city we still have a math problem what are facing in Toronto we’re also focusing on machine education around what do you think it is simply impossible for that young man who have illegally inquired that handgun it is it it is incredibly difficult to legally acquire a handgun in Canada you have to go through three or four different licenses depending on what you’re doing it for the first time you can only have that handgun demonstrable probably as part of staying henty collection or because you like to take target practice at the gun range oh by the way another permit required to take that gun to the gun range past the incredibly strict screening measures needed to a higher handgun legally neither is there any objective evidence that I’ve seen and I’ve been looking for a couple of days that we have a genuine problem where handguns with cannot be used for self-defense there have to be locked away very securely in your home so they are almost impossible to steal we have no evidence then that stolen legally-required handguns are involved in many or indeed any crimes at all there is overwhelming evidence that these handguns are bought across the border illegally so on the one hand yes we have to be stricter at we have to look for new method to technology we have to tighten the laws for trying to smoke a bowl guns across the border make that actors from being one of the most serious offenses that exists in the criminal code and by the way look for where those guns are probably coming across and prosecute regardless of where that might be geographically well in this case did this family have sufficient access to Mental Health Resources for young man who can time he was a teenager with clearly deeply seriously mentally ill could there have been more done to to keep him from becoming violent those are the questions we have to well nevertheless of parliament when they get back from their summer session December break and get back in the fall they are pushing forward with a new agenda specifically around gun control gun reform legislation in the form of Bill Seaside one to just quickly that includes Provisions to enhance existing background checks for those seeking Firearms licenses as well as new mandatory record-keeping practices for went vendors for based on with the two of you were saying doesn’t sound like would make much of a difference for gun violence at all that may exist within the various cities in this country John Haitian that would modesty restrict further the already incredibly strict rules surrounding gun possession in Canada because there is a wing within the Progressive Movement that would basically like to see the elimination of firearms to the country entirely the conservatives who have within their a basic group of people who own guns either recreationally or Farmers or hobbyist believe that their fundamental rights are being infringed so both side to get the engine up their base over gun control issues but I think I’ve honestly believe if the Liberals proceed with further restrictions on fire on you they’re just doing it for cras partisan political purposes and the conservatives will oppose it across part of the political purposes as well what Z71 doesn’t do again is it doesn’t have that whole picture in mind it doesn’t deal with you dealing with the Canadian Queen Elizabeth mystery Sunday scrum you can head to the website and got you covered you can go to CBC News. CA and click on the video tab that will take used to CBC player and you search for scrum and you can find all the latest episode you’re watching NBC News Network
Toronto city council voted to request that the federal and provincial government take steps to ban handguns within city limits.
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