Is Mueller’s investigation in peril after Sessions’ firing?

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Is Mueller’s investigation in peril after Sessions’ firing?
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Is Mueller’s investigation in peril after Sessions’ firing?
Chief legal analyst, and even some more Whitaker in charge of the Russia investigation right now, but he is going to have to have his appointment reviewed his participation review by ethics officials. The fact that he spoken out on the investigation before before the job and his connections to a witness to Sam Clovis is that enough to complete them out, probably not, but it will be certainly in a closer call. Whenever he’s the acting attorney general right now, so he doesn’t have to get the full information from the Senate etcetera what the president’s position has been on the investigation into his own campaign, so this isn’t just consistent with positions the president has taken. This is about consistency with the positions the president has taken the investigation into him. So I think you have to keep it clear that that’s what we’re talking about everything from the meeting with Don Jr with the Russians, to the scope of this investigation, to whether there should have been a special counsel in the first play. Twitter. Hillary Clinton should have been indicted quickly do if there’s ass. If they want to seek an indictment, he could say. I don’t think so far. The witnesses says he’s not going to do it. We will watch Danny, ABC News YouTube channel if you’d like to get more video show, highlights and watch live event coverage click on the right over here to subscribe to our Channel and don’t forget to download ABC News app for breaking news alerts. Thanks for watching
ABC News Chief Legal Analyst Dan Abrams analyzes what Sessions’ ouster as attorney general could mean for the special counsel’s probe.

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