Is North Korea making new ballistic missiles?

The Washington Post reports North Korea appears to be building new ballistic missile unnamed us officials told the post that satellites detected activity at a factory Outside song Yang where as many as to Intercontinental rustic missiles are under construction according to the report the facility produce icbm’s as recently as July 7th this news comes just weeks after president from Summit with Kim Jong Woon ambassador Joseph atrani isn’t Washington he’s a cipher brief expert and former special Envoy for the six-party talks with North Korea thanks so much for joining us ambassador and regardless of any denuclearization agreement will work hard to retain all or some of its nuclear weapons and nuclear facilities so what would you want to see the US do if North Korea is making new muscles Tory Lanez North Korea’s made it very clear in the past we’ve had many years of negotiations with them that they want to be accepted as a nuclear weapons stayed and we made it very clear we we will never accept North Korea’s nuclear weapon state the proliferation issue the immense but I also want a normal relationship with the United States and that’s what we’re working on that they would pursue a normal relationship with the United States with complete verifiable dismantlement of the nuclear weapons in their facilities and that’s an excellent question I think what we need from North Korea is it commitment a definite commitment to denuclearizing a comprehensive verifiable way and I believe they’ve made that to the president Donald Trump in to Secretary of State Pompeo at the president moon jae-in now we need a declaration and movement on if you will denuclearization with a verification protocol to permit monitors to come in so we need movement on the details it right now we are apparently have those details and maybe that’s why we have this commercials imagery saying they’re building another intercontinental ballistic missile they need to stop building these missiles and they need to stop producing fissile material Ambassador you’re saying you believe the commitment has in fact been made by North Korean leader Kim Jong own but it’s not been spelled out yet even though we are now weeks away since that Summit actually took place particular point then what leverage does United States have in the situation International financial institutions out there so we have a lot of levers that that that that are available to us something very definitive and that’s that’s through negotiations Elaine I think what we have is an agreement in principle that Kim Jong unsaid will prepare that completely denuclearize now we need to have the particular what does he mean by that get in there can we observe the dismantlement if you will have their nuclear weapons of the nuclear weapons facility this is a long tedious process that we have to get this process moving forward I met with Kim Jong on and on Tuesday what has counselor kellyanne Conway what you just said saying things don’t change overnight in reference to negotiations with Kelly Yang but in terms of measurable progress here do you think we have seen a lot of people mad at progress in recent weeks or even since last year possibly stumbling into conflict could have been a conflict on the Korean in that regard now we need to make progress on the core issue which is complete verifiable this meth movie weapons and their weapons facility deliverables on their side they’re saying okay if we do this what are you giving us we need security assurances we need progress was a normal relationship so it’s basically actions for actions commitment commitment and that’s what negotiators are doing they actually put that down and then you have a road map and you can start moving towards that I think we need to get more of that in play so that we can see some definite real enucleation Ambassador Joseph
The Washington Post reports North Korea appears to building new ballistic missiles. Cipher Brief expert and former special envoy for the Six Party Talks with North Korea Amb. Joseph DeTrani joins CBSN’s “Red & Blue” to discuss the report.

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