Is President Trump preparing to fire Robert Mueller?

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Is President Trump preparing to fire Robert Mueller?
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Is President Trump preparing to fire Robert Mueller?
Timothy Hagel he’s a political science professor at University of Iowa. He joins me today from Iowa City Timothy. Are you surprised at this resignation / firing surprising? The timing is a little bit. We fell out of people did expected to happen after the midterms, but the day after seems a little bit rush. But apparently President Trump requested the resignation in as indicated in the letter drafted session, at your request. So that means sessions was going to be out Matthew, Whitaker the acting attorney general. I understand you know him personally. He sat on your alumni board. Tell me a little bit about mr. Whittaker and how old is he? Is he the right for this job, at least in the interim easy transition? The one potential problem for him might be that as being a younger man that he may be seen as Junior to some of the other people like Rod, Rosenstein signed some others that you know maybe there’s a little friction there, but hopefully not. Hopefully the news as Chief of Staff two sessions was relatively smooth, although sometimes a chief of staff can be a tough position if you’re in a position where you have to tell people what their new Duties are or to fire them or things of that nature. Rosenstein. How secure is his job right now because he’s in charge of the Mueller investigation, and we all know how Donald Trump feels about that with the removal of Jeff sessions? Is there any likelihood that Donald Trump couldn’t reach you further and cancel the Mueller investigation and its entirety going to be true for Matt Whitaker, so even is attacked at acting attorney? General Whitaker can basically take over the Mueller investigation effectively forcing Rosenstein out so Trump wouldn’t necessarily have to fire Rosenstein to get him off of the investigation. So we’ll have to see how that turns out, but you know again, and maybe the Rosen Stein. If he is relieved of the Mueller investigation, I would still like to either stay in the Department of Justice, or maybe he would like to resign blond other things if Trump was able, because he has the authority to if I’m not mistaken, Timothy 2 Fire. Mr mother kind of backlash, might he face suppose Saturday night Massacre, where Nixon wanted to fire the special prosecutor and had the Attorney General Lee acting attorney general resigned cuz. I refuse to do so. Even if that doesn’t serve, have that drama attached to it. That Trump would undoubtedly pay very dear consequences for stopping the investigation that probably his best chance is to get this resolved as blethyn vestigation go through and see what happens, but on the other hand there is something there and Trump was aware of it. Then perhaps you would like to hide it. The firing Mueller would take care of it because, especially with the Democrats, taking control of the house pivot from something or is this just simply – pay back is expecting session to recuse himself during the investigation, and that has been a point of agitation for trunk. For a long time and the fact it’s that session has lasted, this long is practically amazing.
What will happen to the Mueller investigation into Russia election meddling now that Jeff Sessions is gone? Political analyst Timothy Hagle gives his opinion.

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