Is the UK ready for Brexit? – BBC News

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Is the UK ready for Brexit? – BBC News
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the road to brexit Romania’s want to slam the brakes on but the government the biggest challenge Deal or No Deal by the way according to a new report time is running short implemented successful brexit when it comes to New Deal plans Minister say that for advanced to The Institute the government an independent think-tank that the government has left its No Deal preparations too late to help many businesses that use the traffic light system 2 best progress only one policy area Vu programs in thums is green nine others are given a red light suggesting the government won’t be able to avoid major negative impacts of No Deal next even if the deal is reached which is implementing brexit in the 21-month transition. Which would among other things mean agreeing and ratifying the future trade deal looks completely unfeasible the IHG says more than 140,000 businesses will need to be ready to change that UK holders and new custom systems won’t be ready by the government hiring 9000 extra stuff and spending 2 billion pounds on brexit preparations unlock 2019 compared to brexit transition without the major UK government project enrollment programming preparations I took movement decade digitizing tax took 5 years in committing brexit will be very very tight especially when you consider that negotiating fully implementing the EU Canada trade deal that we had so much mobile 7 years sticking in Parliament to the deal on the withdrawal agreement is reached this often possibly in November it will be about 70 sitting days in Parliament before brexit some of that time will have to be devoted to other issues such as the budget the government will also need to win a meaningful Vitamix deal with the EU in the House of Commons and then passed legislation giving the withdrawal agree expecting you pay law the number of votes will be tight but so will the number of days in the past that the IHG significant treaty change to take in about 40 days to get through Parliament which would take brexit right down to the wire in the event of No Deal of course I limit will have to scramble to powerful sorts of legislation for Sudden Change in a whole host of policy area is a huge Technical and political challenge according to the IHG that’s what I was traffic that green for legislation except for the withdrawal agreement bill which needs to be passed flashing amber with no deal again some green but plenty of them Amber and red on citizens rights so an awful lot depends on the next few weeks as negotiations with the EU on a withdrawal agreement terms on which the UK will leave reach that Final Phase need to create political Declaration on the future relationship between the UK and European Parliament to accept it all the honesty’s negotiation traffic lights have a lot in Greenville say the deal is 80% done Amber issues and the toughest possible avoiding a hard Border in Ireland that’s still flashing red agreement can be reached maybe Rising does everyone says nothing is agreed until everything is agreed and getting any deal approved by MP’s in Westminster is still a high-risk red light brexit the Ife concludes is likely to lead to unprecedented levels of change is it policy simultaneously 6 months ago the whole process remains highly answer
With six months to go until the UK’s departure from the EU, BBC News asked the Institute for Government to assess the government’s progress towards Brexit.
The think tank says time is running short to implement the process successfully.

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