Is time up for Julian Assange? – BBC News

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Is time up for Julian Assange? – BBC News
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where are internet wherever human run to Russia’s useful idiot Julian assange’s ever divides opinion but the founder of WikiLeaks maybe on the move well he jumped British file an answer the Ecuadorian Embassy behind me now the world is people in the embassy beginning to think that gassed his oversized his welcome and someone else makes things not to his name is Lenin Moreno and he’s the president of Ecuador if that’s true that spells trouble but you didn’t the Suns this is the future that made the australian-born hacker world famous in 2007 and it shows the US Apache helicopter who voices Jonas others In Cold Blood who is Julian Assange but a few months later sweet and wanted to question Assange on charges of rape and sexual assault it’s honestly not killed but ended up in the Ecuador Embassy in 2016 Wikileaks release the emails from the Democratic Party Machine damaging Hillary Clinton and helping Donald Trump the US intelligence Community now choose main intelligence director is the gr you use Wikileaks to release hacked information in order to influence the 2016 US presidential election not very diplomatic James version 2010 but Lisa fell out with him leaked out while he’s under Asylum he needs to stop interfering in politics and then he really kind of screwed his house with them by interfering and saw the posting a lot some days Indian independence question good friend and they help them out a lot they could have close relationship I’m sorry having the most famous so that I saw you there since March the embassy his cup mr. Sun Joe from the internet and phone calls and visitors he is allowed to see his lawyer though president elected last year has said I have never been in favor of me activity if a big did the British my will prosecute for jumping bile Sweden could then reopen its right case but the United States could see to extradite him for treason trouble by Jack the UK should not proceed to any extradition request the United States fuzzy because it would be wrong I’m playing Aliso and secondly because in this country whippin quite resistance to the Expedition at able to play school purposes because he’s repeatedly keep secrets secrets in 2010 they were American the secrets in 2016 might well be driven by Russian hacking is likely a sealed indictment relating to assange’s work in 2010 which a lot of people still support and think he should be prosecuted for but there’s also the chance that I could come out a number of other leagues so you could end up with the strange stuff saliva hey takes precedence so he takes priority the pressure is pulling on the prisoner of Nice Bridge in June US vice president Mike Pence visit Ecuador there’s no question but Wikileaks Sean lights on American brutality in Iraq but you didn’t listen to my also be the key that unlocks the Trump Russia collusion puzzle and that suggests his stay in Embassy may not end with a box of Ferrero Rocher don’t sweetie that the Ecuadorian Farm Ministries they said we are looking for solution and are working with all parties involved
John Sweeney reports on the change of mood in Ecuador and its London embassy and what an eviction could mean for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

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