ISIS narrator revealed as Canadian

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ISIS narrator revealed as Canadian
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ISIS narrator revealed as Canadian
ISIS narrator revealed as Canadian
She has B & B English voice of Terror for Isis, and now it appears that Muhammad Khalifa, the narrator of those chilling videos, is Canadian after he was captured and she joins me now. Thank you so much for your time, Ruth mini the search for the infamous narrator of Isis propaganda. Videos started more than 4 years ago. How was this Canadian man finally identified? Were you able to actually interview him? Thank you. Jennifer sold more than four years ago, the FBI put up a notice to the public asking for the Public’s help in identifying this narrator. It was clear from from the video that he had that he had voice over for that he was most likely North American either. American or Canadian who realize that his to his his accent was most likely a Canadian a couple of months ago was who gave who gave us a clue. He said that the narrator is a Canadian Toronto of Ethiopian descent, who goes by the Nom De Guerre a bridge one and just by chance. A couple of weeks ago, another Canadian man was captured on the battlefield. The forces that captured him asked him to record a confession, video and from that confession, video. It was very easy to talk to hear his voice and realize that it was the same voice as that on famous license videos. What I did is, I was able to speak to him. He confessed to being the narrator. It was not easy to get it out of him. He didn’t want to say that right away, I sent the audio clip of him speaking now 2-3 different audio forensic scientist who compared that audio to to the Clips in videos and confirm that that he is, he is one in the same to the country and one Of the big question is: what is life in Canada like and doesn’t he moved to the Toronto area when he was a child, I believe to the Regent’s Park neighborhood of Toronto? He went on to go to Seneca College where he got a diploma in computer studies and then for a while, through his through his to his message to his late twenties. He was working for different computer companies, most of them IBM contractors. I was able to confirm that Kelly Services Company in Markham Ontario Mohammed Khalifa in the., In which he said he was there that he began listening to the videos of video that he saw a British foreign fighters who were fighting in the Syrian Civil War, which we Believe recruited many others from English speaking countries like Canada, North America later for Isis media Ministry, so how significant his role was in the English language that is associated with call the Flames of War, which was the first major feature-length releases. It wasn’t that was 55 minutes. Long and it’s the video ask releases if they would put out it was filmed partly on the grip GoPro of an Isis fighter as he and his and his and his colleagues are taking over a Syrian military base very exciting about it. It shows it shows a small group of Fighters overcoming enormous odds and and and winning in in this particular battle. So after researching this man and listening to countless hours of his voice on those propaganda, videos have to ask you what was it like about? It is that in the individual that he’s married. He’s full of brother. Show videos where, where he’s very defiant, where he’s he’s the voice of the Islamic State to come and and meddle in their Affairs he’s always talking about how Isis will never be cowed. But in front of me, what I saw was a very thin, a very diminutive man, Grim child, like he would giggle at times during the interview. So he wasn’t that the exact opposite of what I assumed, but when I asked him, if he regretted what he had done, he was very clear, not regretted and that he was telling me that and that he had already told that to both of his interrogators from The local militia that was holding him that that he had no regrets at all and any sense he does not. He does not want to speak about family. He told me that he is married to a woman. He would not tell me where she was Canadian. He said that she is of African descent, so it’s possible that she’s originally from Ethiopia, Somalia, like him, he told me that he has two small children with her and he was still nervous about her being identified that he would not answer my question as to whether She had escaped from the Isis territory and was now in one of these. or whether she was still inside the last pocket of ice control.
The man who was the voice behind some of ISIS’s best-known videos is a Canadian citizen who grew up in the Toronto area, the New York Times has confirmed. Mohammed Khalifa spoke at length to a reporter and says he has “no regrets.”

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