Israel demolishes Palestinian homes on Jerusalem outskirts

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Israel demolishes Palestinian homes on Jerusalem outskirts
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Israel demolishes Palestinian homes on Jerusalem outskirts
Israel demolishes Palestinian homes on Jerusalem outskirts
In the pre-dawn hours, Israeli forces and work Crews move into a Palestinian neighborhood on the outskirts of East Jerusalem residents and activists forcibly removed. My day, like Monday, Malaysian was underway, dozens of homes torn down most not yet occupied those I’m 20 people already living in the buildings are being displaced. President David been granted building permits from the Palestinian Authority which governs the Bank in a limited capacity under Israeli occupation. Today, they’re demolishing buildings that had permits everything was in order: the action, cats years of legal battles over Construction in the neighborhood of Survivor, edict from the Israeli Army, the construction of any new buildings within 400 m of the barrier in Junie Israeli Supreme Court ruled the Structures in violation of that band, the deadline for residents to dismantle the buildings themselves expired on Friday, big leaps and put in danger the security and lives of other people when, in other places around the world, this is not accepted. Fear it’s just the beginning. Security justification is merely a pretext for a land grab in the expanding together. Those settlements considered illegal under international law.
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Israel began demolishing a number of Palestinian homes it considers illegal south of Jerusalem early on Monday, an AFP journalist said, in a move that has drawn international concern.

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