‘It took me 15 minutes to walk 200m’ – BBC News

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‘It took me 15 minutes to walk 200m’ – BBC News
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‘It took me 15 minutes to walk 200m’ – BBC News
Probably about two and a half to three hours after I tan itialy filter the first sensation I was no longer able to walk. I was no longer able to stand. My left side was very much now, but numb without much feeling. I didn’t have much control up. My fingers on my left hand, and I was then told that guy I have suffered a stroke initially that was obviously fear into startup. Okay, then, what’s my life going to be like from this point on and I going to be what’s the mobility? Am I going to have or lack of Mobility? Is my family guy to take care of me? I’M not going to be able to dress myself. You know also it’s the things you know so it’ll go through your mind at that point. It’S it’s very scary. The doctors told me that your best chance for any stroke victim the best chance for Recovery, is to immediately get into physical therapy. So I was 2 days later. I was allowed to start Physical Therapy, ironically, that first walk with a 200m, which is the event that I know he’ll the world record at and was once the fastest man in the world in in history. At that event – and it took about 15 minutes for me to to cover that too – and you know what narrowly I’m sure that you know, anyone in that situation would be disappointed in and then, but I wasn’t, I was actually encouraging. It would encourage me because, with every step, I could experience and feel some very tiny and it’s very small incremental improvements and as a sprinter where in wins and losses, can be measured in hundreds and thousands of seconds and you’re dealing with tiny, tiny, incremental improvements everyday. I could recognize that and then I got back to my room and I said to my wife: I’m going to make a full recovery, I’m sure of it and I’m going to make this recovery faster than anyone has
The former 200m and 400m world record holder spoke exclusively to BBC Breakfast about the stroke he suffered in August.

The former US athlete said his recovery was about taking “very small steps” and revealed his difficulties in walking 200m.

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