It’s selfish of Kevin Durant to say what he said about OKC – Dennis Rodman | The Jump

It’s selfish of Kevin Durant to say what he said about OKC – Dennis Rodman | The Jump
It’s selfish of Kevin Durant to say what he said about OKC – Dennis Rodman | The Jump
Kevin Durant didn’t interview with wsj magazine and there’s a lot to sort through there, but what caught my eye in terms of YouTube being on Saturday, with his comments about playing with the Warriors, which is the team that people have said, is old? Are they the greatest team since you’re both staying some people? They were the greatest team. More than your team, and he was talking about his 10 years Golden State, two titles to finals MVPs, but the quote wsj magazine was, it didn’t feel as great as it could have been. He said I came in there wanted to be part of a group wanted to be the family. I definitely felt accepted. He said, but I’ll never be one of those guys as time went on, I started to realize I’m just different. It’S not a bad thing. Just my circumstances and how I came up in the league and on top of that, the media always made it KD and the Warriors. Nobody could get full acceptance of me there, then if it was just so parallel to me. So you you came in and joined a dynasty in progress. Do you understand how Katie cell and why he wanted to leave and sort of breaks out of, or does it not not register? With you spirit, I think it’s very selfish of KDs seriously. You know I don’t care water perform to make 40 45 million dollars a year and let her know how to play a season, because I didn’t want to leave the truck I want to San Antonio, I bust my ass didn’t care. Who is that I just want to win left that didn’t turn out too well Chicago, while embracing I bust, my ass by the time I was there in three different teams and I enjoyed it. I don’t care who was the leader. I didn’t care who was like who was the leading Force? Who was doing this this? I just want to be a part of it. I want to win. I want to bring the impact of the cities for people to be happy. I think if I play $ 4.50, I don’t care. I just want to win for the cities for the players and that’s all I wanted, but I think they do. You not have the ability to understand what this game is all about for Denver for the family. I wish they could always remember it’s not always about the body. It’S a butt or you happy more than just titles or money. I need to be happy in my life and you of all people I would think, would understand wanting to go for a new challenge. Right B, creative, I don’t know, found it and again it just made me think of we saw it in that clip the circus around you guys. How would you compare the circus around you to say what the warriors were in Scotty? You were right up here at the finals games. I think it was a little different back in though Michael Jordan Dennis Rodman Scottie Pippen air. I I think it was a different type of fan base. I think that we had created a different era in the in the game at, but I understand what Kevin is saying, but I also want to let him know that this is a part of our business. This is why he’s making all that money, because we’ve been able to globalize the game through our players, not just what they doing the basketball court, but you know using digital stuff of them, Caulking and travelling old abroad to help promote our game. So it’s it’s part of our package to help sell our, because that helps our salaries grow. So I don’t get what he’s saying specially with a player. That’S been in the league as long as he has if he said that to three years until the league, then I kind of get it, but you established player. You are MVP. So if you weren’t fighting the medial, when you were getting those votes for MVP because had he says some of those things back then believe me, he would not be an MVP today, ESPN on YouTube for more Sports analysis and highlights download the ESPN app and for Live streaming and premium content subscribe to ESPN Plus
Rachel Nichols, Dennis Rodman and Scottie Pippen react to Brooklyn Nets forward Kevin Durant’s comments about the reaction from the Oklahoma City Thunder — and the city of OKC in general — after KD left the team for the Golden State Warriors.
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