I’ve Studied Toxic Wealth For 25 Years. Here’s What I Learned. | Better | NBC News

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I’ve Studied Toxic Wealth For 25 Years. Here’s What I Learned. | Better | NBC News
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I think our desire to consume has consumed us and in a way that’s why we kind of find herself dancing on the deck of the Titanic and not really having a moral compass or identity now is so tired to what we have that we really need to find ourselves and and identity that’s away from what we have before we can be happy with ourselves through my photography 25 years of kind of looking at the culture I realize at a certain point that it was evidence of the sea change in in American life and that something was exported around the world generation call fizzle look at how the American dream has changed and really how we’ve all changed with it we’ve kind of gone from values of hard work and Fidelity and discretion the values of my parents generation to a culture that prices bling and celebrity and narcissism the reason it matters is because it really leads to as kind of cycle of addiction and dissatisfaction and you see with kids today when you ask them what they want to be when they go the most common reply is Rich and Famous and there’s a therapist in the film who told me that that leads to depression and anxiety we used to compare ourselves to our neighbors and keeping up with the Joneses down the road but now we compare ourselves we actually often Feel Like We Know Better which other people we know from TV in the film my own son says he feels like he knows the Kardashians better than his own neighbors and that’s what’s happening the research shows that the more we see those images of luxury and after which have become much more dominant in the media the more we think that’s normal and the more we want those thing what I learned from this journey and from the characters that are part of film is that the antidote is getting back to what matters getting back to the values of family and community and the things that give our life meaning in a way it’s the biggest cliche in the world like money buy you happiness and all you need is love if you want fame and fortune I think you can just look at what happened to the people’s lives who are going for those things and how it kind of least them to in a way a terrible collapse because you just want more and more and there’s never enough but I think there’s nothing wrong with ambition it’s like it drives people to a lot of great things just like there’s nothing wrong with money but sometimes if we’re doing it out of a place feeling like we need to be more it becomes an addiction and I think there is a kind of propensity in our culture too kind of drive a store that if you can unplug from the media messages great if you can keep yourself out of the store or you know you’re just going to want to buy want to go in great but exposure the fact of our society and so I think that’s what we need is kind of a clear I look at ourselves and why we’re doing the things we’re doing and why I want the things that we do and when we realize why we want them sometimes we don’t want them quite so much play NBC News viewers thanks for checking out our YouTube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch the latest interview show highlights and digitalix thanks for watching
Filmmaker Lauren Greenfield has been studying wealth for 25 years. This is what she’s learned about how to overcome the toxic effects of money for those who seek it.
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I’ve Studied Toxic Wealth For 25 Years. Here’s What I Learned. | Better | NBC News

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