Jagmeet Singh on the campaign trail | Day 12

Jagmeet Singh on the campaign trail | Day 12
Jagmeet Singh on the campaign trail | Day 12
Quarterback put on Celine Dion restaurant at the end of a word, Citi quartz, eon. Bx10. Give me javine recipe when the second new exhaust for Sharon, Tate, who is the default amount appeal Lexi directions to sleep on this on this Owensboro. If you don’t want an attitude to allow municipalities to apply for this funding, wondering if you can explain that and explain why it so complicated right now for municipalities announced it was a fund of two billion dollars, but it’s over 10 years it’s spread out criteria very Limited so it’s difficult to have access to funds. One of the criteria is City types of backup or match funding. It’S not massive damage to businesses and homes and to save people from losing their homes. The current system doesn’t allow for that, put binding. On top of that, there’s a restriction about 10 million dollars. It can’t be for a plan – that’s less than 10 million dollars, which also means it’s harder for a positive access to it. We would remove those barriers, because our plan is to make sure it’s accessible to everyone who needs it. The goal is to avoid responding after a crisis, and it said to prevent the crisis check. Timer Limited in poker announcement today will directly impact businesses like this and another residence for too long is that there is a crisis that happens and then afterwards is a response, so I flood happens and the water damage is a business means I’d, be open to hatch, Shut down for it damages homes and instead of responding after the case, what we’re proposing is, if we give investment 2 minutes about these right now, they can put in place the infrastructure to avoid this from happening. So I’ve heard from some of the some of the people on the table is that this is the second time in two years. So if it’s happening again and again, we can’t just close our eyes to the reality that it might happen again in the future. Will wear it saying today is we need to make gosman’s today to prevent this from happening in the future homeowner whose home is been impacted by the floods, and we know that climate change is real, its impact is real and it’s hurting people is hurting families, things As precious as your home or your business are being impacted, so what we’re proposing is, instead of avoiding the increasing extreme weather, which means more and more flies, and just hoping it won’t happen. We know that this is happening more and more. So what we’re proposing today is to increase the fund that currently exist to 2.5 billion dollars additional funding. What cities have the ability to put in place changes and investments in their infrastructure to avoid damage? Is there is infrastructure investment to avoid what happened here in Noche, Maya and Lewis’s business? There’S infrastructure investment Boyd the damage that happens to any some we’re saying. We need to make those Investments right away the broad criteria easy to access fun. They can avoid these problems. The Quebec government is offering up about $ 200,000 buyout for them to move out of flood plain areas. Sometimes it doesn’t even often often cover their mortgage. Would you help them move out of these areas that are prone to flooding and how much money, difficult decision for family to make to have to leave their home place that they cherish the place that they’re so connected to? What we want to do is work with provinces to help out families make sure they get the support. They need highlighted a bit considering the fact that that I may not cover the mortgage mean. I cover a family who wants actually moving and realizes that they have to move until we’re prepared to work at the municipalities, to figure out any work with the province to figure out a way for us to help out should move off of substance. Is that something that should happen in the future, but we’re proposing today is the infrastructure to allow people to stay in their homes and to stay in their businesses. We’Re confident that, with you make the right Investments we can put in place infrastructure that prevents that’s light from damaging communities and we’re confident that we make those Investments. Now we can avoid this from happening again and again: livehealth Louisiana, avdc video in the first relocate. Please ABC Family on a private Arabic he’s really got that stuff. That’S what I said said that you would not be surprised. What is still considered. Partying cares about the environment. Schematic. Joss Stone Salem MO. You want to make it very clear. Our plan to reduce emissions is far older than that of the Liberals. I’M many experts have said in fact that environmental experts have said that our plan is the most is the boldest most ambitious plan to tackle climate change. All the federal parties were proud of our plan. We share something similar with the the green party that they also care about the importance of climate crisis. I, where we differ, is we bought a very solid position as a party on a woman’s right to choose. We also understand we can never leave workers behind, and we also acknowledge that people are worried about things like housing and Healthcare and social injustice, and what we propose is a way to move forward. While we tackle Injustice is socially as well as on a crisis together. Merci, beaucoup moving people out of flood zones to say that kind of money. We’Re also saying that are in in areas that threatened by potential floods, or we know if you make the right infrastructure Investments today, we can actually protect those businesses in those homes. Though, that’s our first commitment to the doctor announcement. We cannot live here anymore. It’S too. It’S over too worried or too uncertain for those families. What we’re saying is that we are prepared to work with the province and the city and municipalities to figure out a solution. They can get the help they need.
NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh will make an announcement on climate change in Gatineau, Que.

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