Jagmeet Singh on the campaign trail | Day 13

Jagmeet Singh on the campaign trail | Day 13
Jagmeet Singh on the campaign trail | Day 13
Richard Hurt to see you here today to this a press conference for the one that don’t know me. I was the Member of Parliament for 18 years in the NDP who was our leader that is here today and I can’t eat Badgers in a country where we have democracy. We have election and Peter for the new Democratic Party, Bugatti promocion, synonym 12 mark wabanaki Kanye from St John’s Rossi. Eileen Clancy does lanco for Miramichi Grand Lake. This week is also the global climate strike week, encourage everyone to get out and support initiatives wherever you are across Canada, I’ll be in Victoria the day it happens and I’ll be definitely participating in event. This is an important time to show how much the climate and how much I seriously be taken. How much would care sets in men, Zephyrhills Municipal, the bathrooms, Keystone, lockout PC. I also want to thank the lot that members from the city of Bathurst and Bella do smelter for coming today. We really appreciate your presence and watching know that we’re with you Jay-Z said you ain’t got money., he don’t even know against conservatives as they try to pillage the employment, insurance and pensions of workers. He fought and stood up for those workers. He also fought very hard to protect the French language and don’t forget one of the reasons that VIA Rail is still in Bathurst, is because it you don’t even care that if I have to Wimbledon Oaks, I’m watching you book the couple floaties to Lihue, don’t get To Lihue Franco Phone as our candidate you and I first he said – I’m only spent his career fighting for the french-language involved in cultural institutions. Someone is going to be a strong voice for the people here, so I’m just going to stand out for the people who felt – and we talked about people being let down here in a Kathy.. There isn’t any Brunswick there’s a lot of struggles. Lot of folks are a feeling pretty pretty smoking with folks in New Brunswick, and they tell me about the waiting time in hospitals and Healthcare, how it’s not there for them and their loved ones when they need it. Almost a third of people who need health care. Wait more than 4 hours in the emergency room to get the care they need. A quarter of people here in New Brunswick cannot afford the medications they need Vicky. The Google tomorrow Ottowa, because I got off early vote. Don’T we see that the reason that we got to this position? The reason why it’s so hard for so many people is because government or what was it that conservative or liberal, have worked really hard to make life easier for the rich that was at the very top, and it’s made life harder for everyone else. We want to change. That. Trudeau’s set a lot of pretty words. I really need empty promises. No major help for healthcare changes to Employment Insurance, something that really matters the people here in New Brunswick, no action on official languages. The reason is well-connected, powerful insiders and lobbyists. In the p, the good people New Brunswick people of Canada can either help he’s not who he pretended. He was he’s not who you pretended to be, and people are paying the price. The bed made City on 5th Street clarify things better: mister shears, going to cut taxes for sure, going to cut taxes for the wealthiest, the people at the very top he’s going to cut the services that families need families that you need here in New Brunswick. That’S going to make things even more difficult, Capone’s like I said it doesn’t have to be this way. If you make better choices, we can get better results. Honest OC, Buble, junkie, embezzlement, adjust gas tank on cement, soixante Dix mean dollar OC, Advanced Platinum, National City distante. In it for you, you Democrats are fighting for you, we’re going to put in place a new way to deal with an employment insurance to increase access, we’re going to put in place at Universal level where people can achieve 360 hours. Two, no matter how they get to that point, so they can have better access to Employment, Insurance, the coverage for those of fall sick to 50 weeks. This is going to seriously help out people who are in in trouble, Danielle and the rest of the team to improve the official languages right away and make sure there’s more protections in place and our announcement today is this New Brunswick, New Brunswick or really struggling with The cost of medication or struggling people are struggling with ask the healthier, and what we’re proposing today is plan is going to help out a lot of families. We’Re announcing that we’re going to put in place a unit, bristle pharmacare for all a program that will save families at least $ 500 per year, for those families who didn’t have access to coverage. This will mean thousands of dollars in savings., For if you need, if you need medication in New Brunswick, if you need medication in our country, you should use your health card, not your credit card. Sycamore. We’Re also going to build on Tommy Douglas Vision to make sure we cover people from head to toe and Right Now, Dental Care is not covered, so we’re proud to announce denticare. That means families that make less than 70,000 will have all of the dental services covered. This is going to cover 4.3 million Canadian to donate coverage. Is the bolts that board to provide coverage for dental services? These stops are going to take off a lot of pressure on the already stretched services in the province is going to take a lot of the weight off the shoulders of the provincial system. We know that many people don’t medication, they need, and they end up in the emergency room cuz, if so unhealthy, how we can prevent that you can prevent that providing by providing access to medication, everybody, accidental care, improve health outcomes. This is going to free up resources to reduce wait times. Access to doctors, insulin prove long-term In-Home Care a. We are proud of our plan because it’s going to help us work with provinces to put in place national standards to improve the quality of long-term care at home care, so that, when you need this care, when you win your love, when you just care, you don’t Have to worry about it. We got 28 days left on the campaign and here in New Brunswick, with our complete team of candidates with our star candidates, then, yet we are confident that we can move forward, but we need how to please join us and let’s build a better future for Canadians. Ensemble on Saturday for you, I will pick people for interview, ABCD, zumper, how’s, the vagina Dollar Tree. I could never express myself freely political matter now. I think Google truck router news on speakerphone MSD of Muncie Mall. My son is becoming more and more of a model of for all of Canada. We should be proud of that netflix.com on payday tax airport or Canada operations like Netflix and Facebook off the hook, because they don’t have their fair share of taxes. We are all lose because we all lose because we hurt our local artists and cultural II. I could even need a strong, Progressive voice. This voice is NDP and the voice of our leader and friend Mitzi, just asking good-faith, negotiation. francophone, the music in OC, the new action csuf daniele Oklahoma.. I miss you. UCC methanol, I’m going to pull up in my colleagues question. This is your first visit to New Brunswick since becoming leader in 2017, and your your party has faced criticism, especially from local media, as well as Mr go day for not making this party at this province. What do you say to people from New Brunswick who feel like they’ve been ignored? I’M really sorry. I didn’t get her earlier. This is a follow-up to tario the ndp’s, 10th and final candidate to be named here in New Brunswick. Are you concerned that not finalizing your roster until 12 days into the campaign will hurt your candidates, ability to Dornoch and you’re disability to get elected in New Brunswick who’s? The question too? Well, I’m really proud of incredibly passionate about the New Brunswick cared deeply about the issue, impact of friends and their families in a community where ahead of other parties, in fact in terms of candidates, nominated and candidates on the list. So we worked really hard. It’S taken. Some time to do that, because we wanted to recruit the best and brightest and we’ve done a great job, but for treating some really incredible Canada to care deeply about their communities. I wasn’t in a position to put mic on my candidacy before some kind of a strategy strategy. You will come often, but it’s a mistake. I should have come out here sooner and I’m really happy to be here now. I said that his office reached out to my office and asking for a meeting, and I said I would be open to having a conversation. But I wanted to make one thing really clear that I didn’t want to be used as a tool to check off a list of steps from ASUS router to somehow exonerate himself. And I made that a requirement and now, with the balls industry, Trudeau and his offices. Court to organize the meeting we’ve I’ve indicated that I’m open giving my bike ride my criteria, Northern Light Justin Trudeau over the blackface incidents, and, if so, why? It’S not for me to forgive, and it’s not really about forgiveness, it’s really about the impact it’s had on people, nothing, that’s been, that’s been missed and and how we can talk about policies and I didn’t pack them policies. So you know: we’ve a prime minister that makes light of people who face difficulties and then doesn’t actually doesn’t actually respond to the difficulties, people New Brunswick or facing right now. We know that employment insurance is a massive concern we’ve announced find, which would help out a lot of new people who live in New Brunswick with the universal qualifying amount of 360 hours. That’S going to provide better access to more people, but I think they’re. The real real question here is no one person in Publix a lot of nice things in public but in private, says very different things and doesn’t understand the realities of people are faced with, makes light of those realities, and then we see it in the policies policies That ignore people and ignore their liver experiences ignore the fact that people New Brunswick have long eyes for the people of Atlantic Canada long ask for changes to EI to better support them and he’s neglected them. I think it’s an ongoing behavior in the greens. What we we share, some things in common with the other green party believe absolutely in the urgency of fighting climate crisis, but there’s some really start differences. One we’ve got a really solid position on a woman’s right to choose. That’S a minute. You know that you’re going to get when you ofrenda Democratic party member, you know that you’re going to get someone who strongly believes in a woman’s right to choose, and I’m proud of that. You also have someone who believes in working towards National unity and protecting National Unity. We’Ve got a solid position on that things that I can’t say for the party given some of the controversy that arose. They don’t have a salt position on these two very important thanks. We also believe that infighting, the climate crisis, we can never leave workers behind not something very important to us, we’re party based on and built on workers and never leave them behind. That’S something that you don’t see with the other parties. And finally, we know that people are struggling with worries about climate crisis, but also worries about health care, Employment, Insurance, housing and what we offer Democrats is a complete solution to all the problems people faced with, so we can invest in healthcare, which means Universal medication coverage For everyone in Dental Care coverage, so that everyone who makes less than 70000 can get dental service a dental care services, this would mean the world’s to so many people. I speak with people who put off getting their teeth clean, put off, getting root, canals or or getting their cavities treated because they can’t afford it. Our plan would help us people out and so that’s what makes us different. We’Ve got a plan. It’S your ball. Miss you to number of committees in the Region’s political Avenue, part of your plan, a family cuz. I was explaining Palmetto the position plastic necessary for partisan political position., I’m familiar with programs synonym for a cultural organization from the Scotia. I wanted to get closer, strong and Progressive voices for Echo. There’S a question from someone behind me everything. What do you intend to do as the NDP for seniors question? In fact, our program on pharmacare will really help when you talk to seniors pay for the medication. Under our program, Circle K, store, have access to medication, and our program will help everyone coverage if they earn less than $ 10,000 a year, and that means a lot of people that we need to. We also need to increase to ensure that all seniors to live through their retirement, as well as Health Care for Seniors. Thank you share with you about that. If you like, if the meat is okay with that I’ll, do it in English as well. Thank you. So much so so I was just saying four for four people for older for seniors. They deserve respect and dignity, and what we’re proposing or two Healthcare respond to the needs that I’ve heard from Seniors people tell me all the time. Many seniors counter for the medication. They need it cost a lot. Even those with some coverage still don’t get the medication that they need, because it cost so much with the co-payments and deductibles. So we’re saying is: are bristle pharmacare plan would mean that seniors could go into the pharmacy and use their health card, not their credit card to get all the medical devices and medication. They need it’s a bold plan. It’S achievable and we’ve mapped it out to that. Would help senior significantly II plan they were offering is I should be looking at you? I guess then is is dental care. We know that a lot of seniors need help when it comes to the dental services and they can’t afford it, and so our plan is to make sure that ever in our country, who earns less than 70000 would be able to get access to dental services immediately. This the government plant food place high with dignity, and we also make sure that this Better Home Care and long-term care. Well generally, I want to change the status quo. Vault in federal politics take a shower. We have to work very hard to recruit it’s possible so that at least half of women in the results women candidates, we were able to largest number of women candidates in our history from the lgbtq community. Canadian are the top jobs in a lot of people. Forget that I said no, I want to do things different, be honest, I’m very proud of what we succeeded in doing, because we did things differently so about candidates. It’S come up a lot and I can tell you that for me the reason why it’s taking us, maybe some longer some more time to recruit candidates is, I asked my team to do something different. I wanted to do things differently and in politics we don’t see women represented enough Federal level, and I said we got to change that and the only way you can change that we can just hope it’s a change. We got to do something about it, so I said we got to recruit more women as candidates and if we recruit women candidates, then they can get elected, and so that was hard to do. Cuz you’ll be so be here. This may be, but if I call up a man and say hey, would you like to run the Met office’s? Yes, let’s just do it right away, but I can call up a woman who’s even more qualified with more experience, and she said no, I’m not qualified. I can’t do it it’s because women are reflected, they don’t see themselves until it’s harder, but I thought it was important to do that work, and so the results are shown. We have now we’re one seat away from having a Full Slate of candidates will be there very soon and we’ve got the best results of any other party. We’Ve got more women, 49 % of attendance of women leave a record number of the indigenous Community candidates. We’Ve got a record number of lgtbq candidates running for US number of community members running for us, so it was hard to do. I want to do things differently and it’s important to do all ready for it take years to come to New Brunswick, but you smoke today about the struggles of New Brunswick. Hers is sorry really enough to convince people in this province that you have their best interest at heart. Will I would say I mean so there’s no question about a nice use of unequivocally said my bad, but I can tell people of New Brunswick if they want someone, that’s in it for them. Let’S look at the policies and look at what we’re proposing. We know that people New Brunswick have said two things really clearly, it’s very clear that if you ask a New Brunswick, they say Employment, Insurance, Healthcare – if you look at any other party and look at their commitments on employment, insurance and Healthcare bars are the best because We understand that those are things we need to commit to, and so, when it comes to, one of the major things we can do to toots Healthcare System is the coverage of medication and we’re the only country in the world that has a universal Medicare system that Doesn’T include medication coverage, so you can go to a doctor and find out what’s wrong with you if you’re lucky, to find a doctor. But you can’t treat yourself, you can get treated at sitting, irrational system and that we’ve got Liberals are saying they can do it and maybe, if they studied some more than one study it again. Maybe even though it’s been studied since 1963 and all the commission’s have come out saying that it needs to be expanded, we got party saying wait. Eight years, wait, 10 years were saying we can get it done in one year who got the courage to take on big Pharma, got the courage to take on the big insurance companies that don’t want this program. But but we know it’s doable and it’s so important when it comes to the dental services. Another thing that many Canadians do not have access to we’re, proposing a plan that is cost it out. It’S a Chiva Bowl. It would cause 856 million dollars to develop.. You look last year dilute the Trudeau government spent 4.5 billion on a pipeline. They spent 14 billion dollars on corporate tax, giveaway to the gate 14 billion to the wealthiest corporations. Just those two things combined would pay for 20 times. The pro you’ve addressed the differences that you see between your party and the greens today, but in the province here, the provincial NDP party is without a leader. Currently, if it, it has shown an inability to get anyone elected in sometime and yet the greens of found a way to at in the last election, sent three mlas to the legislature. Does that as you’re campaigning a New Brunswick now, but you would add a bit of a disadvantage being that the provincial party Justice have a footprint in the province anymore. We’Ve got. We got a strong slate of candidates in New Brunswick there. People who care deeply about the community – and there are some rock stars who care about health care. They care about the official languages care about all the things that matter to the people, New Brunswick and I’m confident with what I’m providing is a liter. In terms of a vision, I Clear Vision on a woman’s right to choose on the importance of not leaving workers behind on the importance of national Unity. Things that are there. Parties at the federal level cannot poop. The green party does not have those same values that they’re very up in the air in terms of those those positions. We’Ve got salt positions with a solid team and a solid plan that will make people’s lives better. Yes, there’s a place where several former NDP party members have now defected to the green suggested was Rife with racism that voters up here wouldn’t vote for you because of your ethnicity. What have you experienced and bath so far? That’S not true that people in in Bathurst are are welcoming and open-hearted and and beautiful people that just want someone that understands him. I just want a fair deal and what they’ve been getting is a pretty unfair rough situation where they’ve been ignored and neglected and they want better employment insurance. They want Better Health Care. They want to have economic development in new Democrats are committed to delivering. That became leaders being parachuted in. I won’t be able to camp due to work commitments. What would you say if asked whether the NDP is taking New Brunswick seriously about New Brunswick and understand the struggles people face New Brunswick because we’re providing implants all the problems that people are faced with? No, it’s not it’s not enough to just say you’re going to show up, but it’s also important to have a plan to solve the problems, and our plans are directly going to dress the the healthcare issues here in New Brunswick. That hospital wait times are directly related to the fact that many people – many Canadians, many people in New Brunswick Canada for the medication we just talked about 1 and 4. New Brunswick cannot afford the medication they need. That means they get more sick and they end up. In the hall – and that puts more of a burden on the healthcare system and it could be avoided, it could be avoided if we provide access to medication. We know that many people can Access Dental Services and that also has an impact on their health, so we’re providing a real plan to address the problems that people in the are faced with. If you go for a new democrat, you get someone on your side. You get someone who’s in it, for you is going to fight for you and put in place. Plans are going to make your life better. Give me the opportunity has more information about your answer to why you haven’t come here before, or did you not have enough time you’re going to apologize to just apologize and you don’t make excuses?
NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh will reveal a candidate and take questions in Bathurst, N.B.
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