Jagmeet Singh’s fundraising falling behind ahead of federal election | Power & Politics

Jagmeet Singh’s fundraising falling behind ahead of federal election | Power & Politics
Jagmeet Singh’s fundraising falling behind ahead of federal election | Power & Politics
Power & politics and the power panel with Brad Levine, ylan, James and Rachel korine. The political parties, of course, are gearing up for that election. We were just talking about some. A little quicker than other CTV is reporting. The conservatives have 313 candidates in place Max Bernice People’s Party of Canada is in second place with 278 nominated. Liberals are third was 221, then it’s the green party with 134 and finally, the NDP with 115 yoolotto start with you or anything to read into that. I mean they’re indicators that, and it turned to know for election writing. Is it always look at and the candidates are an important one, like the conservatives were very good at getting their message out on of having being the front-runner, the number of Thera Canada’s and an increased presence of women? That’S a positive thing so, but among of those issues, yes, you want to make sure you have your candidates ready to go, that your leader is ready to campaign butt. Fundraiser is also an important, an important factor because he asks you want to tell your story and and obviously be able to convince Canadians that you have the best program and policy to put in place. But if you have no money to be able to tell that that that something that can be that can be concerned, and I and looking at those factors for conservatives. Obviously, things are going well it take for the liberal party as well, considering that they have a different process with respect to nominations, as opposed appointing a candidate for jug me to think. Clearly, things are a lot more difficult in terms of those factors, and even that that that that today’s headline is that he’s only attended one fundraisers Beyond defense mode right now, you should be showing people that you’re ready to go and to convince people to make you The next prime minister of the country bride. What do you read into and what what you want is referring to is an article from HuffPost Canada via Elsia Ashley, says that the mistress thing has done. One ticketed fundraiser this year and tickets were $ 5 since January. That is patently false to friends in Toronto, who held events at their own homes for friends and neighbors the difference. This is actually in the story, but it’s lost because the headline is so fundamentally Port is that new Democratic Party of Canada has chosen event. You can come and meet the sit down with the leader, talk policy as questions, and you don’t have to give them $ 1,600, like you do for mr. chair, or that we don’t believe anyone definition for this. Don’T you don’t have to pay your two friends of mine in the in the in the in the Toronto area? Tens of thousands of dollars are raised at these events, but they’re not the same as the liberals, who actually also talks about how you can pay 12 dollars to meet with one of the ministers. So that’s that’s a fundamental difference. What I like more money in the bank for drug meetings, camping, absolutely that that you, that you stand by people to meet with the leader and we’re going to work. We are going to raise funds from those, but you don’t have to pay to meet your leader and that’s a fundamental difference between the and the other party right now they are lit right now. I wish it would work the same time. You know full well that to meet with the minister of Trudeau’s government, you got to pay to a hundred bucks or whatever I don’t think so, but that’s not the case with every minute, but the reality is no one wants to pay to see. If I don’t want to be mean about it, where’s the kosher him he’s done a terrible job of outlining his vision for running reality. For these fundraisers cuz, no one’s going to go to is it. I mean this idea of having to pay to meet the leader. Is that it is there some sort of a defense there? I take your point text of an election campaign. The folks are now all running to be the prime minister of a country, it’s very different from cash for access to government ministers, which we seen the liberals do repeatedly, but I think the election campaign, the difference sued over cashback with at least there’s a there’s, a Different transparency around reporting, those and allowing media access to them that the amount that we charge, people for fundraisers and and so forth. That’S one thing but to to say that the whole reason that there are not raising money, or that just means he went to one fundraisers, because the NDP has just totally changed their whole strategy and that they’re not. people for money anymore. I don’t think that anybody, or is it because we want to be able to do that. I’M sorry! If you look at a Weatherby, the Prime Minister himself, or even go down the list of of ministers in the current government and do activities yes, but they’re, certainly especially criticized, even by a lot of people for being very accessible to the hood, to the public. Free of charge for a number of event, so I mean, if anything is having difficulty raising money. That’S one thing at least come out and say that, and that happen histories of the party Liberal Party of Canada has had their had there just struggles to, but don’t deflect that on on other parties, fundraising Aunt, Rachel, current host of Power & politics, see more of Our show by subscribing to the CBC News, Channel or click the link for another video thanks for watching
The Power Panel — Brad Lavigne, Rachel Curran and Yolande James — weigh in on NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh’s record of attending fundraisers and his ability to bring money into the party ahead of the federal election.

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