Jake Tapper debunks President Donald Trump’s claims about El Paso

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Jake Tapper debunks President Donald Trump’s claims about El Paso
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Jake Tapper debunks President Donald Trump’s claims about El Paso
President Trump is heading to the US Mexico border tonight, the city of El Paso, Texas, to pick up the political fight that he seems to relish Santa continue to spread a falsehood that he loves to trot out, including in his State of the Union, Address the board City of El Paso, Texas, used to have extremely high rates of violent crime, one of the highest in the entire country and considered one of our Nations. Most dangerous cities now immediately upon its building with a powerful barrier in Place. El Paso is one of the safest cities in our country, the president, using a false story that the barriers built in El Paso or exhibit for why he should get the full 5.7 billion dollars he’s demanded for a border wall or barrier or metal slats or whatever It is this week, but here’s the problem, whatever your position on Border barriers were border wall. The case the president lays out about El Paso and simply false. El Paso has never had quote one of the highest rates of violent crime in the entire country. According to FBI data, its violent crime rate has always been well below the average rate for the top 35 cities, with a population over 500,000 lower in El Paso. In fact, then, in Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth Texas cities not on the border, but let’s get to the other point: how did the barrier that was built their impact, the city FBI, crime data shows that violent crime in El Paso actually peaked in 1993 and continued on a Down friend, falling 60 % over the next thirteen years, border wall, construction didn’t begin until until 2008, and then violent crime did not actually drop that it actually increased 5.5 % from the year before Construction started to the year was completed. We all believe the FBI. Okay, how about the Republican mayor of El Paso this morning on CNN? He called the president’s claim flat wrong, but the remarks that the president made in the in the State of the Union were stated originally almost verbatim by our attorney general some weeks ago, and that’s where the erroneous comments came from that that we’re not correct, not correct. It is correct would like more barriers on the u.s. Mexico border – that’s not in dispute, but the president wants to depict undocumented immigrants as hordes of almost entirely violent criminals, which is not true, so he makes claims that are also not true. Like claims, El Paso was once considered one of our nation’s most dangerous cities. False claims that El Paso only became safe immediately upon its building with a powerful barrier in place boss, the president is lying to you to get his border wall. President Trump just wrapped in meat with White House aides on border wall funding any minute he will head to El Paso for tonight’s rally, CNN White House, correspondent, kaitlan Collins, kicked off our coverage from Texas President Trump heading to El Paso for his first campaign. Rally of the year Trump hoping to amplify the argument for his border wall in the Texas border city, as border security talks or breaking down in Washington Democrats, are now demanding a limit on the Detention of illegal immigrant, but Republicans want an exception for criminals. Today the president called the brand new demand from Democrats, crazy White House officials say if lawmakers can’t come to an agreement, and that includes funding for the border wall. Another partial government shutdown Could Happen, leaving 800,000 federal workers in limbo once again, National Emergency lots of money where presidents all prisons have access to without an actual emergency and there’s ones that he will not have access to. Without that, decoration aren’t sure he has Authority is probably a grey area in terms of the legality of it, and so that’s why I’d rather not go down that road. This should be resolved through the legislative process through a compromise now Drake mix
CNN’s Jake Tapper debunks President Donald Trump’s claims about violent crime and the US-Mexico border in El Paso, Texas, as Trump heads to the city for his first 2020 campaign rally of the year.

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