Jalen Rose reacts to Ben Simmons’ improved jump shot | Get Up

Jalen Rose reacts to Ben Simmons’ improved jump shot | Get Up
Jalen Rose reacts to Ben Simmons’ improved jump shot | Get Up
This is something I feel like I’ve been waiting. All of my life to see video that has come out of Ben Simmons jump shot, and I really want you. You were the first one who ever said that I heard that she felt it was shooting with the wrong. Please put the video back up again and just tell me what you were seeing in his jump shot here. You got to understand that he just got a hundred eighty million dollars to play. Basketball in his game is going to have to expand. Where does it happen in practice and as a lefty? Normally we like to turn over the right shoulder if you notice a couple of these shots are going towards the right, but I feel really confident when he was on the left side and he turned over the left, shoulder even like that turn around Baseline jump shot. Awkward transition, it is that is that something that will work in the NBA looks like it takes to get there, and I have to believe a Defender can get there in that blanket scouting, so initially he’ll be able to get it all, because they’re going to allow Him to shoot he’s going to be open for a reason. At 6:10, I got us going to make 100 % of his dunks a large percentage of his left. You want him taking shots outside of the pain he hasn’t shown. You can help me do that consistently. One shows he can do that, then people will start the garden. He doesn’t get all that he want next year and the year after then he’s going to be everything doesn’t matter, please possession and you got other guys that you could give them or just as good. If not better, but I do feel like him shooting it is a precursor to a player that understands that he needs to do it and I wouldn’t be surprised he willing to do it. Also. You always use the phrase for a reason. It feels to me like that video got out for a reason right like it. That’S not an actual that he wanted to tell you that he wanted the world to see a little blame here, because when I saw markelle fultz has the number one pick he was making jump shot. Call me run through a couple other NBA stories. While I have your hair down for a couple of minutes and we’ll run the floor, starting in Washington, they finally hired a GM and they plan on offering Bradley Beal a Max extension should he taken that remains to BC. If I’m Bradley Beal, I like the fact that they included me in the draft room. Is that really means a lot? I like the fact that they hope to build a franchise around me and John Wall if it when he comes back with him, when I was in Denver years ago, he’s going to do a great job with that team. If I’m Bradley Beal, I like staying in the nation’s capital, okay, next up Forbes, releasing their annual top 50 most valuable sports franchises and the Knicks or the most valuable NBA team should a Nick fan take from that. It did take place. And lastly, for everybody in this room and watch it on TV, if you ever bought real estate in New York City – and you know how expensive it is to square feet, what is prime Real Estate in Manhattan? Fair enough, I also want to get you on this Bradley Beal, Tobias Harris the latest in a line of NBA stars to withdraw from playing with Team USA in the World Cup this summer. Six players in total are withdrawn for various. It doesn’t include Damian, Lillard and Kevin Love who have made up their mind. Why are all these players pulling out of this shouldn’t be able to win number to if you just got a good deal? If you just got a big deal like a couple of guys on the list, if you’re trying to get a big deal like a couple of guys on those on that list or if you don’t need it for Brandon like Zion, who the number one overall is Dealing with some legal issue for the past representation – and he doesn’t have a shoe – deal – stand for live streaming. Sports and premium content subscribe to ESPN, Plus
Jalen Rose and Mike Greenberg reacts to video of Philadelphia 76ers point guard Ben Simmons’ jump shot.
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