Jamal Khashoggi’s fiancee on his murder – BBC News

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Jamal Khashoggi’s fiancee on his murder – BBC News
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Jamal Khashoggi’s fiancee on his murder – BBC News
Cool socket make the adapter beatitude on his first visit to the consulate. He had some reservations and anxiety, but this was not anything resembling a fear feeling of insecurity or foreboding of a terrible thing happening to him. He believed the likelihood of something bad happening to him in Turkey was very low. He talked to his relations with Saudi Arabia. Will good never crossed his mind. What did he say to you before he went in for the appointment, the 2nd appointment you were outside with him, nor did he talked about whom to contact if something bad happened to him, not at all, but he knew that you were going to stay outside same Spot where I had waited for him during his earlier appointment, I started waiting for him again. He handed over his telephones to me. He knew I would be standing there and he would have come back straight out there, but he finished. How quickly do did you get worried? When did you start to get worried, not thinking anything untoward would happen when it’s past Papa’s three, nearly four o’clock, I started becoming curious as to why he was not out yet around 4. I started to feel a bit for it and message my sister asking her around the consulate working hours finished and then you went to the consulate front door. What happened then? Young of stability cage on the run which made me anxious, was my sister’s message saying that the Saudi consulate would close at 3:30 compute computer. I started running toward the entrance, then I told the consulate security guy, that Jamal was still inside and he did not come out yet the man who was the Turkish security official told me he did not know much about it, but he told me if the consulate Was not closed, everyone would have been out already. What did you do next? He may be still inside and the security man did not know it. If you’re not flying to have conspiracy theories, you do not think of the worst to you. You find a logical explanation. Getting anxious, I did not think something bad might have happened. I told the man in the consulate that Jamal went in at 1 and still did not come out and I was waiting outside. He asked me where I was, and I told him I was by the front door within three to five minutes. He came out, he told me your mom has already left and I did not notice it and lots of rumors about recordings. Either television or radio recordings have you heard or seen anything so now I haven’t been provided with any recording by anyone, be at my own government or any private institution only know about the photos and the video recordings. But do you believe so many people have been talking about you’re recording? Do you believe something exist that we just haven’t seen yet or haired yet to think about it, because if they are such recordings, they would have been released by now. Moreover, if a recording exists and hasn’t been revealed yet it will eventually come out. If there is one and it hasn’t been revealed, it will be published. If there really is one, it will eventually come out, but this will be very painful for people who loved him. I think probably start recording doesn’t exist because listed the official bodies would have passed it on to the media you’re both very well-connected to senior people in Turkey. Do you think the fact of you getting married would be seen possible by Saturday as a provocation.? I would have thought that he would not have allowed this relationship to develop. Have you had any contact with his other family is still continuing. I do not want to talk about this. I do not answer those questions. Firstmet Jamel. What did you think? What would they like bump begin to understand machine the writings and social media activities for 3-4 years? When I saw him, I went straight to him to introduce myself. We started talkin. I felt very happy very positive about our conversation. He was very humble, not just a journalist but someone who had a very giving and sharing almost like a wise Electric. Would you like to speak to Muhammad bin Salman, come to a verdict on the serious case, and these are doing their best to discover what happened them to be made accountable?
Hatice Cengiz says she waited for hours for her fiancee, Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, outside of the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul.
The Saudi journalist was killed in the Kingdom’s embassy in Istanbul on 2 October.

He had gone to the consulate to obtain documents proving he was divorced from his ex-wife.

Turkish officials have said the journalist was tortured and killed on the consulate premises and that his body was then removed.

They say they have audio and video evidence to support this claim.

Saudi Arabia initially denied any knowledge of Mr Khashoggi’s fate, but later said he had been murdered in a “rogue operation”.

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