Jamal Khashoggi’s impact on the war in Yemen – BBC News

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Jamal Khashoggi’s impact on the war in Yemen – BBC News
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Jamal Khashoggi’s impact on the war in Yemen – BBC News
What does the murder of a Saturday journalist in Turkey have to do with a war in Yemen? Lots of questions asked about the death of Jamal khashoggi. Rhonda P stable, just be widespread condemnation of Saudi Arabia. It’S clear there were involved in some way, but we still don’t know who wrote it is death and his body still hasn’t been found. International Powers have been pressing for answers until then, the American and British someone muted. That’S because both countries have unimportant long-standing strategic relationship with Saudi Arabia, boats, America and the UK have been increasingly unhappy with the human cost of the war in Yemen. Back by Ron, Mohammed bin, Salman Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince, is seen as the architect of that war, but he suspected of playing a role in the murder of Jamal khashoggi the right now. This might be a good mother stay and many Arab countries of worried about instability. In Saudi Arabia, if the Crown Prince simply disappears from the same so expect to hear any of that down, but many will be hoping. The Saudi royal family will fix the problem by itself, and that could mean that the Crown Prince is no longer able to act with such a parent’s impunity.
Has the death of Jamal Khashoggi influenced the power brokers in the war in Yemen?

Paul Adams reports.

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