Jane Lynch: Why There’s No Such Thing As “Making It” | Better | NBC News

Jane Lynch: Why There’s No Such Thing As “Making It” | Better | NBC News
Jane Lynch: Why There’s No Such Thing As “Making It” | Better | NBC News
Well, the first thing I would say is that there’s no such thing as a top or a ladder, the most useful at thing that I is that I just showed up and I was always eager because I’ve always just wanted to work, and I always wanted to Be of service, and that makes you attractive to other people is for anything. I think it’s really about just being available to see how you can be useful made it. I made it the minute I stepped out onto the stage in third grade and play The Candle, and I would have people saying: do you think you’ll ever make it or change your going to make it? I never really listened to that. It never resonated with me. I never had a desire to make it don’t know what that means, and I bet you don’t know what that means either. Well, I didn’t know if I was going to get a big break. I just knew I’d loved. What I was doing – and I showed up at so I think it made me somebody – people wanted him around and I never really want be by myself up there or out there. I I love being a part of group, and I realize, when you’re a part of a group in this is what I love about. It is that you’re, really just one Cog in a really big wheel and that’s my favorite place to be a relationship. That’S definitely what I focus on. If you have a big idea, I will do everything I can to help you realize that, but I do love just showing up and if I had a mantra which I don’t it would be. How can I be useful in this moment? What can I do to help you realize your vision, handle rejection., But because my desire to be onstage and be in front of the camera was so strong, I would feel knocked down, but I would just get myself up and start all over again. It’S kind of feeling that way and she’s young, and I said you know what just jump off the cliff just leave it and see what comes next take a chance sometimes, but also make sure that it’s not because you’ve got your eyes focused in some unrealistic way. Like I want to get to the top, or I want to success, because those things don’t mean anything play NBC News fans thanks for checking out our YouTube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch. The latest interviews and digital exclusive thanks for watching
Emmy-award-winning actress Jane Lynch explains why there’s no such thing as “making it.” Here’s her advice for achieving success.
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Jane Lynch: Why There’s No Such Thing As “Making It” | Better | NBC News

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