Jane Philpott on the challenge she may face as an Independent MP

Jane Philpott on the challenge she may face as an Independent MP
Jane Philpott on the challenge she may face as an Independent MP
The only people that are the boss of me right now are you you, the people of Markham stole that you’re, the boss of me Central Park, was a star of the liberal cabinet, since she got elected in 2015, serving as Ministers of Health indigenous Affairs in treasury Board, president, in March, she resigned from cabinet as part of the Republic disagreement over the snc-lavalin file before being thrown out of the liberal caucus entirely and, as you heard earlier today, the MP drawing a lot of people on building policy. So I certainly don’t think that parties in and of themselves or problematic, I do think the party discipline and power has in some cases gone beyond, is in the best interest of Canadians when it is Frances the party or an elected political staff that are dictating everything That Minister, say, and even that MP say dictating how people vote and that’s the part that I think are constituents and so that some of those things are concerning and there’s a certain amount of freedom to being independent Duran and your friend Jody wilson-raybould said you have To vote this way, in fact, more than a hundred liberal MPS stood up and voted the other way. Blindly, leaders necessarily follow a great thing when there is that freedom, flexibility, and certainly that is there in some cases. But there is a strong pressure to toe the party line to not necessarily go against the party on a particular piece of legislation today, her days since all of this started just because you bought into that party ideal, I mean that’s: what’s elevated you to this status, So do you recognize the importance of that said that you wouldn’t, if you were just independent right now, we probably wouldn’t be. I totally accept what you’re saying I didn’t want to be in this position. I didn’t expect to be in this position that I’m in so this is a reality that I had to face. I had hoped, when I stepped down from cabinet that I would be able to stay in the liver, Pakistan and that wasn’t possible. So now I had a decision to make about going forward and I believe that I still have a role to play in federal politics. It will be up to the people of Markham Stouffville to decide for sure, but I want to present myself as an option if believe that I can represent them, that you’re riding it has been conservative view you won by, I think close to 4,000 votes. Are you worried about splitting the vote and ending up with conservatives representing your riding? I don’t think you’re strongly Ally. Conservatives are many issues I am running because I hope that I will win. I acknowledge that it’s going to be challenging. This is not something that we have a big model for here in Canada. I hope the people will look to this and say yes, this is a good thing we could do with more independent. You do realize that sounds a bit utopian, though the system the electoral system is not set up for this, the Westminster parliamentary system is not set up for this there’s a reason we have parties well, there is a reason that we have parties, but I would argue With you that Canada is 1 countries that have a parliamentary democracy, that is the least friendly to Independence two days, but I believe that there are many opportunities to have a voice. I can speak on many occasions in the house. I can speak to the public and certainly push and work with others. Could you be a liberal if there was a different leader at the moment? It’S not an option for me. So it’s was a decision that was taken out of my hands and I will move forward and do the best to serve the people of my community.
After resigning from cabinet and being thrown out of the Liberal caucus, Jane Philpott says she will seek re-election in October. But she admittedly has challenges coming her was if she’s elected as an Independent MP.

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