Jarrett: New docs show Comey’s FBI ran secret operation against Trump

Jarrett: New docs show Comey’s FBI ran secret operation against Trump
Jarrett: New docs show Comey’s FBI ran secret operation against Trump
Boston, Gregg Jarrett, you know him well, it’s got a great book and now he’s out with a pretty explosive new claimed. He says newly obtain documents confirmed the FBI under the direction of James Comey was a secret and corrupt counterintelligence operation against the Trump campaign in 2016 and repeatedly deceived the fisa court in order to wiretap Trump campaign. Associate Carter page doing me right now to reflect on all that former US attorney. You know bud what I would say about this is. I think we know that there was some massive spice abuse. I think it’s actually at this point kind of fact right, because they don’t even tell in bold print what was going on in it and they never bothered to verify any of this stuff that they were getting from Fusion GPS opposition research from effectively than Hillary Clinton. Could have stopped so that I would say, is all loud and clear and and Greg here is just putting a big headline on it. He sang, in fact all of this amounts to a counterintelligence fishing within the FBI being Rent-A-Center by James Comey. Do you agree with that allegation boring to show how are they determined that Christopher Steele was was leaking information to Media? They already knew he’s being paid by Hillary made. Let’S keep in mind. Christopher Steele was an agent. Hillary Clinton information came from a paid in anyway. Hillary Clinton, information from foreign agents. You have to think, including Russians. You would have to think the Judge would have looked at those applications differently. It’S it’s it’s it’s a murky very of the law. Is the FBI officials every single thing. They know about AK material and relevant to the application, and it seems pretty damn clear that they do that in the question. Is you know? I don’t really know what all the remedies here are, but but the fisa court needs the police this and we don’t really know if they’ve done anything about it or if they intend to do anything about it and I’m not sure we’ll ever know, because it’s a Secret chord now I am here yet James Comey interview was he acting quite deliberately because he had a bias. It’S hard to believe after steel is fired by the FBI. He continues to pass information on her Bruce or resource pass it on to Peter struck, struck to Lisa Page Lisa, Page of Andy McCabe and even gave it to kome Nowhere in that chain. Do they find an objective person or even conservative person? Apparently they find these. These left-leaning, biased and obviously arrogant and self-righteous people all in a line at I always said for the last two years. Certainly there was somebody in those rooms knew what they were doing was wrong and is going to come forward now and explain what they saw. How can I get more Lisa, Porter and Anna left leaner or an incompetent bureaucrat? There was nobody with any common sense that you have a real agent overseas who’s collecting information paying for it right, I’m singing that’s how they they operate over there from Russians, former Russian agent. My thinking is exactly what he wants, because everybody’s sitting there and I can’t trust the US system, understandably right now, given all this asesino 10-15 years ago. They put me on the road to defend the Patriot Act and I went out and told people that we needed these type of tools like fisa, like the Patriot Act and that they were going to be in good hands. And then you could trust the people that had and frankly I don’t believe that anymore after what I’ve seen, I couldn’t tell it. I couldn’t tell a group of citizens that and believe it and – and I think, a lot of our trust in FBI doj. Some of these bureaucracies has to be repaired. This is this is awful. Thank you so much for your perspective. It is awful
New documents show that James Comey’s FBI was running a secret counterintelligence operation against President Trump, according to Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett. Former U.S. attorney Bud Cummins reacts to Jarrett’s report.

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