Jason Kenney sworn in as Alberta Premier | Power & Politics

Jason Kenney sworn in as Alberta Premier | Power & Politics
Jason Kenney sworn in as Alberta Premier | Power & Politics
In Alberta, United conservative party leader Jason Kennedy was sworn in earlier today. At the province’s 18th Premier Kenny’s, a new government takes office with a list of priorities based on campaign promises, carbon tax initiative, Alberta and several other. Those are determined by the federal government to overseas markets. What the future holds great to see you of intergovernmental relations, in addition to being premiere governmental Affairs. But I think that there’s a real significance to Premier Kenny taking that on. If you kind of look at the issues that are front-and-center for him pipelines, you know there’s a emissions caps. That’S also part of the deal that the federal government struck with Alberta in order to buy the Transmountain pipeline. If Albert is to repeal its own carpet negotiations with the with the federal government and the federal government as a carbon tax as a backstop and then, of course, dealing with BC on whether you know is it ever going to allow a pipeline to get Alberta resources To Tidewater and Quebec to leave a very experienced Federal cabinet minister, so it’s probably not a surprise that he would want to take it on, but I just think the scope of issues that are facing out weather right now and are on Premier Kenny’s priority list are What makes it kind of an obvious choice that he would want his own fingerprints at hand on all of those files when the premier was discussing the subjects Carolyn on the campaign, Frederick was very pointed with kind of Hampton change that much it’s basically, you know we’re Going to plow through any of our opponents that try to stop oil and gas industry from getting back on track, whether that’s environmental is or whether that’s governments, but the tone today was a lot different. It was conciliatory if you will I’m just trying to think of a couple of examples of that. You know Premier Kenny, came out and said that yes, we’re going to a PC, turn off the Taps legislation and get it ready to go, but we actually have any you no intention of using it right away and on the issue of emissions cap he says. Yes, we’re going to scrap Rachel notley climate plan, but when it comes to emissions caps, we don’t actually have any intention right now of amending any legislation and lowering any kind of emission limits. So he is really sort of taken a lighter tone, and I think this clip sort of demonstrates that tone. If we want to take a. I indicated to prime minister Trudeau – and we spoke two weeks ago, that we will be happy to sit down with the federal government and try to see common ground on a variety of issues.. But one thing that for us is completely negotiable is the repeal of the retail carbon tax, which will be done in build one of the legislature which we intend to convene on May 21st. If he doesn’t get his way. I bet you were going to see. Firey Kenny back in Edmonton, I believe it may be the youngest cabinet. Are there any provincial government in Canada? So I’m very pleased with all of these ministers and looking forward to getting to work this afternoon and in the four years ahead, as we seek to keep our word with. Albertans at the employee are 375 positive ideas on which we ran and for which we received an historic mandate just 2 weeks ago, people to his cabinet and created a few new portfolios. What did his choices indicate about what he wants to get done and how he plans to do it? Let’S bring in the power panel in Calgary, the only guy named Jason not named to Cabinet. Today, there are now given name in Jason: McClain’s Tiffany Gooch of enterprising inside Canada is in Toronto, and here with me and Studio, former conservative cabinet ministers Stockwell day alongside political commentator and former NDP MP from hello, everybody start with you your overall sense. Your overall sense of what today indicate not too terribly surprising: he picked some up people who were a new members as Finance ministers at a new rookie former head of the Cattlemen Association, I hit Jason Spencer was a former leadership rival against him his he didn’t really Pick many books with Ben and his caucus before he picks a lot of the new faces are: there’s a pipeline expert running the ministry of pipelines and energy. What I’m more so looking forward to it., He see what he does with his cabin on this first day. He had spoken about enacting with an hour of his government being sworn-in. This turn off the Taps: legislation it’s several hours so far and I haven’t heard anything yet we’ll see how how much his actual Rent-A-Wreck ameica it’s reality and that’s we’re going to see not with the who who is in cabinet but more what he went of doing And how is that? How is tone changes on now that he’s in office table intergovernmental affairs minister as well as Premier? The tone has shifted a little bit since The Campaign, which kind of makes sense. I guess what it, what do you think we should expect a relationship example of a couple days ago. There was a story about somebody, resigning and the person called Energy advisor. Think there’s a bit of a misnomer by the said they couldn’t support. It is pulsing usual you’re coming in and all the sudden I was supposed to keep persons going to resign. There’S panic and the HR people are all saying it’s a terrible thing and his response was our people want to say it was a I’m glad. He resigned. The day before we fire them, in other words, he says, he’s not looking to get people upset, but he’s not going to be. The type of person who is governor is not going to be the type of government that will run when they’re a quote media issue that listen, they’ll, evaluate they’ll, take your time and then make a statement was indicated. What indicated that this Governor is going to be very much up their own mind and we we live in a day and – and you would know you see it all around you where there is a tendency when something quote- happens, especially everybody runs for cover right and On Sony, these issues he’s just a prick back for the environmental issues he’s going to deal with environment and the economy together, he wants pipelines to go ahead. Jason mentioned the person who’s putting charges very. If I can use worked energetic woman as minister of energy very smart, so you know they’re going to reach out and they’re going to try this and be a good partners in Confederation, but they really sent a clear message right from the start, as the premier, when Premier, like with his her pregnant now with his opening speech on Election night, reaching out in French to Quebec, whether it was a successful night, we don’t know what you’re going to see a very different style here, because I saw some people supportive of that tweet. That Mr Kenny sent Premier Kenny sent out, but I also saw people say really like you’re going to eat at the coming of someone in that position. So I’m guessing, it depends on where you sit on the political Spectrum and I think there’s going to be as a varying Viewpoint of how he’s doing and then ultimately, the expectations at this point are going to be quite high for him he’s set them up for Himself to be that high, and so everything that he says will be, I think, of you descendant closely how hard he comes out the gate in terms of each of the things that he’s been saying he’s going to do. I found it really interesting at the size of the cabinet and 20 people, plus two associate ministers at someone’s very specifically focused on mental health and addictions. I thought that was interesting and then I think, aside from that, a lot of boron messaging from Ontario red tape, reduction open for business, and I think this is going to be a time where he also sort of needs to be able to differentiate. And for all of what he said he’s going to do hours out of that, you know some of those commitments already. This is going to be a third of a difficult phase for how she speaks to all of the different audiences that he’s communicating to the federal government will occur at some point this week. What is it? Oh, my goodness, I don’t. I don’t have this point in time, even foresee, when I think it’s just going to be a polite first meeting to set some ground. I think we know where Jason Kenney sits and I think federal government still has to make their own position that clear. I took notice of of the fact that, as a quebecer of the fact that Jason Kenney kept the portfolio of inter-governmental Affair, I’m sure Quebec is watching closely also because in Quebec it’s Minister, Sonia LaBelle was inter-governmental love affair. So the Premier Inn Quebec my decide to take over the file at some point in time, because I don’t sing Jason Kenny will will talk with The Minister’s. You will want to talk to premierzen to the Prime Minister same thing in in in the federal cabinet, with Adam Nicholas out of commission. I know it’s. I think it’s Bill Maher nose playing inter-governmental affair right now, but I do think the Prime Minister will have to to take care of that. That’S why I’ll so is there Common Ground? I think the common ground is. Is the jobs is making economy? Because that’s what the federal government keeps saying that their champions of and that’s basically the message from Jason Kenney I’ve been hearing it notwithstanding is 375 good ideas. The number one that people in that resonates in Alberta and everywhere in Canada, Quebec also everywhere, is jobs in and that make the economy grow on the eve of not a recession, but they need an economy won’t be as easy as it has been in the last Few weeks, 2 years chasing the first thing that has to do with repeal the carbon tax. He also spoke during the campaign about lifting a cap on emissions, but sort of I want to play a clip and then get your impression of it, and that will not change. We are nowhere close to hitting a cop, and we have not committed to amending the legislation which imposes the emissions cap. I indicated to prime minister Trudeau, and we spoke got two weeks ago – that we will be happy to sit down with the federal government and try to see common ground on on a variety of issues up. But one thing that, for us is completely non-negotiable – is the repeal of the retail carbon tax will be done in build one of the legislature which I intend to convene on May 21st. That’S actually something that really sucks. We were wondering where we going the. What is that? What is it the words that he said today signal to you not to taking not regulating some of the old has projects was keeping this stuff. This plan in place. That was very fascinating as well, that I can. He has us, through his truck started, watching that back it wasn’t explicitly in the platform, but when reporters were we from the platform, Kenny senior officials told us that that was part of the the plan for him to compromise. On this, going to pick his battles he’s going to go to war on Uno with PC, potentially on this whole turn off the Taps. Think it’s going to fight on the carbon tax is going to find on Pipeline. But if this, if this oil sands, a calf thing which is a bit nebulous because Kenny himself said no company is or we will send his anywhere near, hitting this oil temp companies actually seem to like this policy, because it gives some some sense to the public And environmentalist: that’s eventually this there will be an end to us emissions. I think it would be quite Savvy for Kenny to go walk that at very least at this point. I do you look across the country, but what he’s focusing on he’s trying in environment is tying in jobs in the economy and he saying hold on to hear what a retard and pipelines were. They were talking Karma taxes and say: look we don’t think contacts really works and we’d like a discussion on that. Now he’s always going to take some legislative action. You feel that strongly about it. I think that’s important that on topics that are controversial topic, but that we can have a discussion without the name calling he’s been he’s, bringing that to the National stage, because it’s provincial issue, but he’s he’s forcing this guy she’s a tease, her news caster, not here, Just yesterday say: what, when are we going to see a policy that stops the flooding and what are we talking about by the way? Can rest of us just talked about this and I think that’s a huge advancement to just name calling calling people if you want to take a different approach: you’re, not a denier you’re, not this you’re, not that you just wanted to take a look at this and See what is really causing thing? She capello’s host of Power & politics, see more of our show by subscribing to the CBC News Channel or click the link for another video thanks for watching
UCP Leader Jason Kenney was sworn in as Alberta’s 18th premier while promising to bring renewed economic prosperity to the province.
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