Jeff Bezos’ Extortion Claim And The ‘Saudi Angle’ | The Last Word | MSNBC

Jeff Bezos’ Extortion Claim And The ‘Saudi Angle’ | The Last Word | MSNBC
Begin with breaking news tonight on these explosive blackmail allegations against Trump David pecker by Jeff Bezos owns the Washington Post Daily, Beast editors, who has been all over the story as a Friday night school, and it’s here with me momentarily the context of all of this. So I want to go through, as you probably know, if you’re watching the news, there are serious implications in all of this for Donald Trump, because today Bloomberg news reports, the allegations against Trump Ally, David pecker blow-up, is immunity, deal another source telling NBC the same thing. Prosecutors, probably where the publisher of the National Enquirer violated his own non-prosecution agreement by trying to Blackmail. The Packer has one big problem here, because Beto’s is basically accusing him of a crime, but this news about the wrist his immunity deal shows a second problem because is Bloomberg on NBC and is Rachel earlier tonight of all the disgusting and Reporting packer himself here in Blown up his own immunity in the investigation into a Michael Cohen and Donald Trump head bad stories for Trump during 2016 translation. If David Packer told the other crimes he committed during those immunity talks, he can be on the hook. For that there could be a lot more pressure on this Trump Ally, no Bezos published email that he says reveal how pepper threatened to publish stolen, explicit photos of, unless he publicly back down making claims that bass. First, they wanted Bezos to say the tablets coverage was not politically motivated. Why did they care we’ll get into that and second, they want Bezos to end his investigation into housing. Choir folks obtained his private messages when they seem scared, ketosis Theory, but now the whole world can read and discuss that certain powerful people who experience Washington, Post news coverage will wrongly conclude on their enemy. President Trump is one of those people, obviously by his many tweets. Quite a story about bezos’s divorce. Writing so sorry to hear the news about Jeff Bezos, giving you a nickname being taken down by a competitor who’s reporting. I understand, is far more accurate reporting in his lobbyists newspaper Amazon, Washington, Post. Hopefully, the paper will soon be placed in better and more responsible hands. So that is a lot and there’s plenty. One could say about it, but today the White House laying low is President aware of the I’m, not sure. If he’s aware of it – and I we’re not going to get into a conversation about something between Jeff Bezos and a tabloid magazine, but Bezos already Drew attention to an intriguing aspect of this whole story: Saudi Bezos Court in New York Times from August reporting it after Trump became president, he rewarded mr. Packard loyalty with a White House dinner to which the media executive brought a guest with important eyes to the Royals in Saudi Arabia. At the time was pursuing business. I will also hunting for financing for Acquisitions basil snow-covered as well of the murder of a person who wrote for them Jamal khashoggi course. Many remember this. This was in the study Consulate in Turkey. Now Saudi Arabia is a huge critic, adipose investigation for some reason. So, apparently, is this American tablet on her David pecker, and this again to what David Jeff Bezos is asking is a big question. Cuz he write several days ago, apoplectic about our investigation, for reasons still to be better understood, the Saudi angle seems to hit a particularly sensitive nerve, So that obviously, is a lot and a lot of it looks bad, it’s not all true in other ones, even if Not every one of those things leads to the worst possible inference about the people involved, namely mr. Packer, mr. Trump and anyone doing their bidding. Now, let that all sink in and then look at a brand new report from the the Beast tonight was details. The larger pattern to the inner workings of this tablet: companies tactics, private investigators, who literally directly work for them and the quote war of blackmail that goes on and helps explain their business, perhaps their brazenness that they thought they could get away with this against the richest Man in the world join me now, as promised, is the editor-in-chief of The Daily Beast, Noah shachtman. We can give us a lot more details about this reporting how it came to you why so many people are speaking now call misbah Daily Beast, MSNBC news for the New York Times and both have been in Saudi Arabia. I have not and don’t know that I’m going anytime soon, the government plays ball the way they kill journalist that walk us through new reporting night. Most people who heard this story – even if you don’t get all the details, say wow, who thinks they’re going to get away with, trying to thuggish Lee takeout and intimidate the richest the world. These cats, private investigators, today both the other guy joint for gambling operation Nicholas Kristof, is a Pulitzer prize-winning New York Times journalist his level of respectability. I don’t want to regret the book at most recently in Darfur, helping the refugees and they came back to describe what they did for the National Enquirer, which is this same kind of intimidate tactics over and over and over again everybody. We talked to in conjunction with the National Enquirer today every veteran, and we didn’t just talk to those guys. We talk to others, use the term blackmail thing to use it over and over again, and the reason they Mike back that this is a criminal business model. I’M not going to use the resources, are describing basically getting material and making money through repeat cry: blackmail, extortion, allegedly – and not only that – but sometimes they would work with a very lawyers of the targets of this. In other words, you would get some celebrity their own lawyers would have dirt on them National choir, and then they would do a kind of blackmail or some kind of trade deal, and then it’s not just what they did to celebrities. It’S also their attitude towards adversarial journalist, which they’ve done over and over and over again, they keep threatening in various ways to reporters that look into their operations. So we have a guy on our staff. Actually, a former Enquirer veteran who join The Daily Beast less than a year ago. They tried to hit him with a 5 million dollar watch. While we’re reporting our story on them. The shops I mean I can just stay with our shop, it doesn’t work, but I bet they’re shop somewhere in which it does work. Look as we all know journalism. This is a tricky trade. The business model is really tough right now, and I can imagine that you know for some shops being threatened. Millions of dollars in legal fees or billion 2,000 damages that could be a big deal for the story. You look at the multiple theories here, and one is that Donald Trump is behind because he acts like he’s behind this right, and I want to read for you with her La prensa Laurence tribe was a big trunk credit to be clear, satin describing that are Donald Trump co-conspirators with Packer in a face criminal plot to Blackmail. Next about, I don’t have any evidence for it. It has the Ring of plausibility to it, which is an extraordinary thing to say about a present in the United States. No Noah has just been describing a very cini form of transactional Journalism, which I’m going on in the gutter of American journalism for a very long time. What’S different is it? This is not directly involved the president. We know that he was involved in what they called catch and kill at the national benefited him in the Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal case. So we know that he’s he’s in this world. We know that he’s very close to the Saudis. We know that, even today, the Trump Administration breaking the law by the global magnitsky act that requires them to take action in response to the khashoggi killing and they have not done so today was the deadline. They missed it in violation of the law. That’S how tight they are, the Saudis, that’s how much they want sugarcoat this brutal crime that took place. So we have a tri-cut now pecker MBS from Saudi Arabia, President Trump they’re, all in alignment. We all have a motive to a committed. This blackmail. Why do after getting caught up in this Federal probe and getting immunity would go back to what looks like such great risk to his to himself? I can’t accept this is the way they play and they they actually thought they could intimidate the richest man in the world and they had. You know strong interest in trying to do the presents bidding the prison just tweeted, that he thinks that this disgusting publication would be hyperbole, as the owner of the Washington Post is is better. He said it’s a better newspaper than the Washington Post. This is the way despotes all around the world are playing nowadays they are buying up the biggest newspaper in their countries, Highland, zip and and quail criticism, and that’s what Trump would like to do. The United States and taking us away from democracy is not going to get away with it because he’s met his match and Jeff Bezos. It worked for me: deinstitutionalization naming names their institutions that have been more less courageous over the years right, depending on who’s in charge and what the what the calls are – and this is an individual. Whatever one thinks of anything else about Bezos, I took a personal kind of embarrassing to risk and stood up to it, and then other people might not alter here. If I can call you by your last name, another theory that wouldn’t be as bad for Trump but would still go to very important International Intrigue, which is simply that MBS to go after American journalism is Mater. You bet they do in the in the case of khashoggi Brennan to continue the last names from the CIA is Harrisonburg bezos’s strictly from that, so a gas Dad when washing post has been writing. In my conversations with the Saudis, they haven’t tied that so directly to Jeff. Bezos they’ve tried very much to leadership directly but speculating here. Essentially, we have a bunch of dots and we should just be careful. Connecting them until we know is. That indeed, is Noah said that we have this black male model on the part of the National Enquirer. We know as a Sean said, that the National Enquirer has previously leveraged the material that has, for the benefit the political benefit of the United States, and we also know that Saudi Arabia has indeed had very close to MBS with Jared Kushner that the National Enquirer has Had very close ties and his wanted to have business ties not saying that they are fake or false, and these emails outline goals that go beyond the Inquirer is obvious desire to Simply and Richards helper make money. They seem to be a goal that they wanted to cut off Bezos post, finding out where they got the stuff as it and if they just got it from private eye that wouldn’t that wouldn’t be so bad. We don’t have for the Revenant Batman on whether this goes beyond the National Enquirer right. There reasons for a lot of questions about answering them is a is associated with many Trump World figures: Carter, page and Rodger – Stone to name two and he’s also had something of a relationship with a mi over the years, and so he somebody that’s been interviewed in The sort of private investigation that Bezos has funded so it may be all of these a geopolitical political forces or it may come down to something much more personal or some combination there. Well, I agree that we don’t have any evidence, as I said at the outset. You know that would lead us to firm conclusions, but there are other data points in one of them is a hundred page publication called the New Kingdom. What app I am. I, the owner of the National Enquirer, they just slobbered all over MBS, in a way that you know who is reporting that they. Why can’t they did some of the same kind of reporting on Donald Trump during the campaign, but it was very on National Enquirer. We no ads it wasn’t at all clear who paid for this Packer said that he paid for it out of his own pocket for reasons that are a little bit unclear. The state department, interesting late last year, when this came out, asked whether there was a connection between the United States government and the publication by Ami of this set hundred page magazine about how great Saudi Arabia is, and they sort of issue to non-denial.. Like not that the quote was to our knowledge, there’s no connection to the US state department which raised some real eyebrows. So there’s a lot of reporting yet to be done on the connections between the Saudis, David pecker and the Trump Administration, Iran Contra. One of the things that struck people was then it seems like such a stupid idea from the start. You know if it were a movie right and let this scene in the movie. You know right after the midterm elections, the president’s tabloid, you know killer. You say it’s too much for the whole catch-and-release idea of National Enquirer, paying for the stories from women do not publish them, for the benefit of the president was pretty wild and so one more layer of wildness. But I would just make the point that looked. We don’t know exactly whether there was some terrible malpractice or conspiracy here here. We do know that there was vast malpractice visiting Saudi Arabia. The CIA has concluded that the Crown Prince murdered a Washington Post columnist that the president has refused to hold the Crown Prince accountable. That Jared Kushner seems to have inquired about whether the us could help found Prince take over the succession that, meanwhile, the Crown Prince is torturing and imprisoning women’s rights activists and that the u.s. government refuses to even mention their names. So things that are indisputable right and I think we have to do no above all, hold the American government accountable for that failure to act on the murder of a journalist and on the imprisonment and torture with one. More thing is that the Crown Prince was quoted. As saying that, he quote wanted to put a bullet state-sponsored murder and you talking about Free Speech around the world and that’s why you bring Nicholas Kristoff to the table and look you talked about the sum of the the point of graphic sources that you have and That’S why you’re here individual going to keep hearing about thanks for checking out our YouTube channel subscribe by clicking on the button below for more from the last word in the rest of MSNBC
Trump ally David Pecker could lose his immunity deal as federal prosecutors investigate whether AMI violated its non-prosecution agreement by trying to blackmail Jeff Bezos. A new report by the Daily Beast details the inner workings of the National Enquirer’s “blackmail machine.” Ari Melber discusses the new details with Noah Shachtman, Jonathan Alter and Nicholas Kristof.
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Jeff Bezos’ Extortion Claim And The ‘Saudi Angle’ | The Last Word | MSNBC

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