Jeff Sessions resigns as U.S. attorney general at Trump’s request

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Jeff Sessions resigns as U.S. attorney general at Trump’s request
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Jeff Sessions resigns as U.S. attorney general at Trump’s request
We have some breaking news. Jeff sessions is out as us Attorney General Sessions submitted his resignation to President Donald Trump at the president’s request. The president saying he wished sessions well and thank him for service and a permanent replacement will be announced at a later date and time sessions chief-of-staff will become acting attorney general. You may remember that he had a fractious relationship with the president since he recused himself from the Russia investigation. People saying that Jeff sessions was on horal time, but they did not want to make a move before the midterm elections. Todd Van Der heyden, standing by in Washington as we go over this breaking news that didn’t take long time for the president to start to clean house education is exactly what was going to happen. Sessions was going to go on Thursday. Here we are a day earlier and it’s already happened. I mean you got to remember that this was a long time coming. It’S not a big surprise. We did know the Donald Trump was going to move once these midterms were over to clean house, as you say, rid of some of those people that he did not have any confidence left in and certainly Jeff sessions fit the bill. Hayes Attorney General, of course, recused himself very early on when the Russian investigation was just beginning, Donald Trump, one after him, over and over and over again over the last year-and-a-half, throwing him under the bus, insulting him on Twitter and social media really humiliating his attorney general. Perhaps hoping that Jeff sessions would get the message and step aside, but that, of course it did not happen, then the other thing is important. When is Jeff sessions gen, as you no doubt remember, was the very first Republican senator from Alabama the time to ever. Come out and support Donald Trump, the only Republican senator that was in the time to come out and support Donald Trump early on in Trump’s candidacy. A lot of other people thought this was going to be a farce. That Donald Trump was never going to go anywhere at Jeff sessions decided no. I see something in this man and I’m going to support him and then of course became the attorney general in the Trump penetration, but no longer has be now fired and we’re also hearing Jen. I should point this out, but this is just the beginning that there will be more firings come in the justice department and elsewhere as Donald Trump takes this opportunity to Pivot. Reposition is a minister for the next two years, as he moved towards, of course, his reelection in 2020. How is your pointed out? Jeff sessions, one of Trump’s biggest supporters but as the time went on mr. Trump became increasingly ticked off with Jeff sessions, using things like adjectives like beleaguered and very weak and disgraceful to describe him in some ways. It’S almost amazing. He lasted this long, but we’re the midterms of factor in Mr sessions keeping his job until right about now. Well, I think every time there was a midterm election. It is an opportunity for them to look at their team, and we know that going back historically, whether it is this president or Barack Obama or George W bush Bill Clinton and on and on it goes. It is a chance for them to reposition and rethink their training, rethink their strategy, Forex particular Ecorse. The first midterms have any election when they decide to run for a reelection campaign and when they decide to run to become the president again if they can actually win. So that’s a big issue, of course. For this president, no doubt his team horse, there have been a lot of changes that have gone on in the last little while until we know that in this situation this was an opportunity for Trump to move past Jeff sessions. He did, I think, hope the Jeff sessions would leave along the way Senator one-point chose not to do that. I just want to read you here. If I can, this is from The Office of the Attorney. General have just been handed this and this is from a Jeff sessions and he says Dear mr. president, at your request, I am submitting my resignation since the day I was honored to be. When is the attorney general? I came to work at the Department of Justice. Everyday determined to do my duty and serve my country I have done so to the best of my ability working to support. The fundamental legal process is the foundation of Justice. He goes on to say the team we assembled and Easter directives. I particularly grateful to be part of a fabulous team of men and women in law enforcement. My Time and Eternity General. We have restored and upheld the rule of law, and each of us has a responsibility to safeguard. I work Implement all of this as a central part of your campaign, so Jeff sessions agreeing to resign at the behest of Donald Trump. At your request here, as my resignation., So Jeff sessions obviously got the message and decided to leave pretty dramatic Garside day after the midterms. It just hasn’t even settled in there goes Jeff seid
U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has resigned but a permanent replacement wasn’t named. Todd Van der Hayden has the latest from Washington.

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