Jeremy Corbyn mulls tech tax to fund journalism – BBC News

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Jeremy Corbyn mulls tech tax to fund journalism – BBC News
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it’s been a tough few years in the news business many local papers have seen that circulation drop by more than 75% in 10 years and then when you ask if people believe what they do read you get this no I do not know are you rich I’m so Jeremy corbyn stood up today to announce ideas to change the media landscape and use that money to support what he says public interest journalism a free vibrant Democratic I’m financially sustainable media in the digital age we just need to harness the technology in Powell the best instincts of media workers whatever possible taking control and take on the power of the unaccountable billionaires but this is about more than just money Jeremy corbyn what’s the news media to be more accountable to the public he feels it is in many ways failing and that there is a crisis and research just supporting 2-degree overall trust in the news in the UK actually quite low compared to many other countries with the coordinates right about that what’s important to keep in mind is that the picture around trust is a very nuance so while most Human UK don’t trust the media as a whole most even though you hate to have some me that they do trust thank you very much we are just ideas at the moment but it’s a clear sign of Labor’s desire to reform the media baby ABC News
A windfall tax could be levied on tech giants such as Google, Amazon and Facebook to pay for public interest journalism, Jeremy Corbyn has said. The Labour leader called for radical reform of the “failing” news media in a speech at the Edinburgh TV Festival.
Other ideas include a “digital licence fee” – paid for by big tech companies and internet providers – and publishing data on BBC employees’ social class. The Conservatives said the “internet tax” would increase consumers’ bills.

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