Jeremy Corbyn on Brexit deal: “Failed and miserable” negotiations – BBC News

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Jeremy Corbyn on Brexit deal: “Failed and miserable” negotiations – BBC News
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Jeremy Corbyn on Brexit deal: “Failed and miserable” negotiations – BBC News
Advanced copy of the Prime Minister may want to try and sell yesterday’s Summit. Does a great success about to borrow a phrase. The reality is, nothing has changed. The Prime Minister says: if we reject this deal, it will take us back to square one. The truth is mr. speaker: under this government, the book sale is a bad deal for this country and, yes, we did was Mark the end of this government’s failed and miserable negotiations. That can be no joke. Leave us with the worst of all worlds, no say over. Futurals, a no certainty for the future. Even the prime minister’s own cabinet can’t bring themselves to sell this deal. Define sexually said. Yes, you’re not quote mitigates most of the negative impact glowing endorsement have failed. We will leave Britain worse off. In fact, the National Institute for economic and social research confirm this today, saying the Prime Minister still would mean our economy would be 3.9 % smaller. That would otherwise be. This is more than on that contributions that European Union, which is currently 8.9 billion a year around 117 million per week. So why is the prime minister claiming that extra money to the NHS will be due to the brexit dividend, of course mrs. Baker? We look forward to official treasury forecast and it did the legal advice that they voted two weeks ago. The prime minister’s claim this still take back control over I bought his money. In-Laws is frankly a fallacy. The reality is, the opposite. Should give us Comfort dozen other line backstop won’t be needed, but in June 2020 this country we faced with a stop choice. We can agree to extend the transition period or except the Back store. So can the Prime Minister confirm the deal if we are to avoid the backstop we will have to accept whatever the European Union demands to extend the transition., without you say, on the rules or enter a backstop leading to a regulator reporter down the Irish sea. The president of France, president micro, has already made clear what his priorities will be in the negotiator in Britain a future deal on Sunday. He said we will concentrate our efforts in order to obtain access to the British waters before the end of the transition. And, of course, we’ll be protected on access to water and crochets. If we want to finalize a future trade deal or extend the transition breaking every promise, the prime minister pre-made drop fishing industry and. Coastal communities the weekend. Is it a case that Spain isn’t the case that Spain now has a role benefiting from any future relationship? That is still to be negotiated, not something the Prime Minister presented to the comments last week and a vague wishlist contained in the political declaration. The Prime Minister would be negotiated agreement from a position or profound weakness, threatened with paying more to extend the transition with no over a money, loser, Boris and it risk of the unacademy unacceptable, which was only made necessary by her own Redline, most of which have since Been abandoned by her interest for the Prime Minister, the plow on when it’s clear this deal does not have the support of either side of this house or the country as a whole national self harm. Instead of threatening this house with or No Deal scenario or scenario, the plane, prime minister, now needs to repair a plan, be something her predecessor smile to do. There is, since there is a sensible tale. There is a sensible deal that could win the support of this house based on a comprehensive Customs Union. I strong single Market Dale that protects right. When the Prime Minister was addressing the house, I made it clear that she should be hurt and pain.. She was theirs. Chuntering or yelling from reposition, stop it it’s rude, foodish and doomed to fail. Jeremy corbyn I strong single Market Dale that protects rights at work and environmental and consumer safeguards. The Prime Minister may have achieved agreement across 27 heads of state, but she’s lost support of the many young people another’s, say opportunities being taken away from them. Many people who voted remain voted for an outfit looking an inclusive Society. The rhetoric of the Prime Minister in promoting the steel, likewise many people voted, leave, feel this deal has betrayed the brexit they voted for. It does not take back control, it will not make them and it will not sold the economic deprivation that affects far too many communities and towns and cities across this country. This still is not a plan for Britain’s future food for the good of the nation. The house has very little choice but to reject this deal. Thank you. He commented on the brexit that we will be able to use that money to European Union about spending the brexit dividend. The key thing is to deliver on all commitments with no harmful to between Northern Ireland and Ireland, important to maintain control. I know that the labor coffee has never been able to actually stand up and say that it wants to bring it into free movement because they’re not responding on these issues. The British people want control pills, delivered going back on his word in relation to these issues. Being in the Box tall and we would be who has access to fish in our water resisted changes to withdrawal agreement which the Spanish government wish to wish to make. We are clear that will not change. He said I have to say about dealing with issues of our economy and those parts of the country where we do need to enhance
Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Corbyn says “nothing has changed” and says that while the government says rejecting the deal would send the country “back to square one…the truth is we’ve never got beyond square one”.

He says the deal marks the end of “failed and miserable negotiations” and has resulted in a deal that “leaves us with the worst of all worlds, no say over future rules and no certainty for the future”.

He says silence from the rest of the Cabinet is “telling” because they know the deal will leave the country “worse off”, citing research that shows the economy would be 3.9% smaller after the deal.

He says carrying on with the deal is “national self harm” and calls for a “plan B”.

“There is”, he says, “a sensible deal that could win the support of this House” including a customs union and “a strong single market deal” that would protect rights at work.

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