Jeremy Hunt condemns ‘sickening’ attack on Christians in Sri Lanka

Jeremy Hunt condemns ‘sickening’ attack on Christians in Sri Lanka
Jeremy Hunt condemns ‘sickening’ attack on Christians in Sri Lanka
The first possible opportunity – I will try and speak to my Sri Lankan counterpart to express the condolences that I on everyone in the UK feels about. What’S happened this this totally sickening attack and, of course time that we all had to help them in any way. We can, through the department for International Development or the foreign office, if it’s any help of the UK can give. We would want to give it it’s with his team in the embassy in Colombo, working round-the-clock and we’re trying to gather as much information as we can about this, that the crisis center that’s being set up. The reality is that attacks on Christians have been growing 3000’s. Caroline, that was double the previous year, hasn’t been as much attention focused on the persecution of Christians, as that should have beenin. That’S why the foreign office is an independent review. We in the UK could do to defend the rights of Christians across the world. There is an emergency helpline on the gulf. UK website for anyone who has concerns about friends or relatives who may be holidaying in Sri Lanka, as of now voice hasn’t changed. But of course my team at the foreign office will be reviewing that in the life of and if you need it comes to,
Lawyer Anita Nicholson, 42 (second left in left hand image) and her son Alex, 11, (left in left hand image) were killed as they ate breakfast in the Shangri La in Columbo when a bomb tore through the five-star hotel. Ben Nicholson (right in left hand image) was hurt in the blast and taken to hospital but the whereabouts of the couple‚Äôs daughter, pictured, is unknown. The British casualties were among at least 207 people killed and 450 wounded after eight explosions rocked hotels and churches across the country on Easter Sunday. Surrey-based doctor Julian Emmanuel, 48, was staying with his family (all pictured bottom right) at the Cinnamon Hotel in the city and narrowly avoided being killed in the blast, detonated in the basement restaurant, because the family were having a lie-in. Shantha Mayadunne (second left in top right image) and her daughter Nisanga (right in top right image) were among the first victims to be named. The family posted this picture of their Easter breakfast at the Shangri-La hotel just moments before the blast there. Pictured inset: the blast in a church in Negombo tore the roof off the building. This evening it was reported a further explosive was found and disposed of at the country’s main airport.

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