Jeremy Hunt defends UK-Saudi ties after Yemen bus deaths – BBC News

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Jeremy Hunt defends UK-Saudi ties after Yemen bus deaths – BBC News
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what happened with it was truly nothing is impossible when you when you find out what happened Britain has a role both in arming the Saudis and with military personnel in place in the command center from which these attacks are Lord do we buy some of those believe what happened is all relationship with Saudi Arabia which is a very very important military ally to the UK we are that Partners in fighting islamist extremism an hour it was Saudi Arabia means that we stop bombs going off on the streets of the actual munition that destroyed the box and killed all those children with an American Lockheed Martin balm are you going to use your meetings here in Washington towards Administration to review their entire approach the one yeah man just as you apparently maybe wanting to do we owe I like to have a very similar approach to us but just concerned when it comes to sales we have one of the strictest regime’s in the world and we constantly review whether the arms agreement we made when we sell them weather I’ll bring it here to is the American system as tough as you say The British one of these will you be for instance all getting the preposition return to President Obama’s ban on beckinsale’s most of the United States to the United Kingdom we want to make sure that I lies we can defend to our own Publix also respecting that they are allies and so we will have these discussions but very often they will be a Frank discussions in private rather than
Jeremy Hunt added that the UK’s relationship with Saudi Arabia “stops bombs going off on the streets of Britain”.
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