Jilted husband awarded nearly $9M from wife’s lover

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Jilted husband awarded nearly $9M from wife’s lover
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okay now that Court ruling in favor of the jilted husband he claims another man seduced his wife and ruin his marriage and it turns out the law is on his side door during the so-called other man to pay the husband nearly nine million dollars Adrienne bankert has more on this one hater and pay it sounds bizarre Cecilia but a judge ruled that other man did break up his couple’s happy home it was a wife who shot the video you’re about to see of her devastated husband she says the marriage was always trouble but in the end this affair was pricey a real life soap opera a husband sleeps with his wife as he’s kept from coming in the room by his wife’s lover sheets King tries desperately to speak to his wife Danielle while Francisco his are the other man won’t let him in Danielle can be heard in the background record your video didn’t get his marriage back but he’s been awarded nearly nine million dollars after a judge ruled his noun Swiss lover had to pay for the affair exciting and unusual alienation of affection law only on the books in Six States the law requires proof of a once happy marriage and evidence that shows the love and affection between the couple was destroyed by the wrongful or malicious actions of an outsider King gather text messages Facebook post phone records and hotel receipts dating back to he says you first found out about the affair in 2015 calling a number he didn’t recognize that led to his our do not contact her ever again his are then rented a hotel room less than a mile from Kings home to continue the affair which was on and off through 2017 so he won in court King admits the Heartbreak was costly I’ve compared it to like a a nuclear bomb going on around my surroundings and it’s also a business which Keith King and his wife ran together and he lost significant Revenue during this time his dark who reportedly aren’t around $91,000 a year as a marketing to her manager plans to appeal the verdict Cecilia it is having an affair clearly that is an unhappy marriage why does the other man have to pay for it on the books now still in Six States where we started when women were viewed as the property of their husbands that’s why they’re so Antiquated is this idea that I want to see if a woman is the property of the man and you entice her to leave you should be able to sue the other guy but it’s real meaning if you’re in one of these states you still got a take that seriously because the defendant in this case actually didn’t even go to the trial a a verdict was effectively issued against him without him even being there and the question became what are the damages became the issue here for 8.8 million dollars which became a combination of the damages actually endured with punitive damages Etc will this defendant it’ll definitely get reduced quite significantly on appeal but I would think he’s still going to have to pay something I mean the law is the law for the legislature’s job in these states to get rid of these Antiquated laws pepper now they exist 30 million-dollar here to subscribe to our Channel and don’t forget to download the ABC News at 4 breaking news alerts thanks for watching
Keith King took his case to court citing an unusual “alienation of affection” law that is only on the books in six states and requires proof of a once-happy marriage.

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