Jody Wilson-Raybould: I was contacted by RCMP over SNC-Lavalin

Jody Wilson-Raybould: I was contacted by RCMP over SNC-Lavalin
Jody Wilson-Raybould: I was contacted by RCMP over SNC-Lavalin
Just as soon as the Essex commissioner’s report into the snc-lavalin controversy was released, the opposition started calling on the RCMP to investigate, usually doesn’t disclose whether it’s launched an investigation. But following the Essex report a spokesperson told CBC News. The RCMP is examining this matter carefully with all available information and will take appropriate actions as required. shift from the spring, when mounties refused to comment prompting us to ask former Attorney General Jody wilson-raybould. If the force have reached out to her, I haven’t, I haven’t seen what they are today, but I leave any potential investigation in their capable hands will take appropriate actions as required. I’M just wondering have they reached out to you at all in it they haven’t reached out to me on the snow. A clarification was in reference to whether the RCMP had contacted her since the release of the report on Wednesday, which she said I haven’t. However, after clarifying with the RCMP, I can confirm that I was contacted by them this past spring. Regarding matters that first came to the Public’s attention on February 7th 2019 in a Globe and Mail article, the matter the formula the general is referring to is the pressure put on her by the prime minister to intervene and snc-lavalin criminal case pressure. She said was highly inappropriate this week. The ethics commissioner agreed wilson-raybould, though, would not elaborate on the content of her call the RCMP. So it’s still unclear if an investigation was ever launched or if one is currently under way. Physician wants the RCMP to investigate this amounts. To obstruction of justice, and particularly something that came out of the ethics Commissioners report gives them those Clues. They say, and that is that a number of people he says came to him to his office and said we have relevant information, but they couldn’t put it forward to him because it was, it was covered by cabinet confidence in the prime minister in the clerk of The privy Council didn’t waive those confidences, so conservative say that amounts to obstruction of justice and that’s what they want. The RCMP to investigate. All we know is the Jody. Wilson-Raybould is saying that the RCMP contacted her in the spring, but even if that’s all, we find out that what might the political impact of that be papa says that nobody in their office has been contacted by the RCMP. So we really don’t know if an investigation has been launched, but the Spectre up, one thing back to 2006, when was launched in the election there or 2015, when Mike Duffy’s criminal trial was taking place. Following are thinking about the gay, just a specter of those really hit the political parties involved very hard, and you can bet the Liberals. Right now are looking at the idea of an RCMP investigation, even the chance of one which is higher today than it was yesterday and thinking. Let’S hope that doesn’t happen this time around. They are worried bout. It certainly
Now-independent MP Jody Wilson-Raybould says she was contacted by the RCMP in the spring over the SNC-Lavalin affair.

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