Joe Biden Unveils Iowa Ad Defending Obamacare Record | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Joe Biden Unveils Iowa Ad Defending Obamacare Record | Morning Joe | MSNBC
Joe Biden Unveils Iowa Ad Defending Obamacare Record | Morning Joe | MSNBC
Presidential campaign on Healthcare, my wife and daughter, killed in a car crash. I couldn’t imagine what it would have been. 40 years later was diagnosed with cancer and given to live. I can’t I would have happened if insurance companies instead for the last six does life. Healthcare is personal to me. That’S personal me too, an extraordinary, powerful message, not simply because of the pain that he is injured in the suffering he’s in dire throughout his life, but it really brings home the actually John Edwards talked about and the 2004 campaign that when it comes to health insurance, A when it comes to some of the other issues, there are two Americas and you sit there. Of course, John I’ll Manning. You look at Joe Biden. You just assumed that, when tragedy befalls Joe Biden he’s going to be taken care of like you and your family members are going to be taken care of, like my family members and me are going to be take and yet for 40 million Americans. 50 million Americans. That’S not the reality. I think that’s a very strong message for Joe by me. Of course, Whisper. Did President Obama that the big deal passing Obamacare? He believed it then he believes it now. I think that should be the central message of his campaign in a year that Democrats care most about health care is a good ad Moore Healthcare Jose. You point out answer the party who are deeply troubled by some of the proposals on the side of the party to take away or abolish Private health insurance. Who were the mainstream of the party, is the notion that that that is where I think help him see. The challenge the very energetic challenge that he’s facing from some of these candidates on the left of the party where they may have AIC energy in the volume at the tightrope they’re going to have to Cinemax Independence obamacare’s. That popularity has remained relatively steady throughout start over. As the ad said, and you have the Biden, a team that wants to essentially take Obamacare and strengthen it and enter corn over again, where the medicare-for-all crowd, the crowd that wants to take the Healthcare System essentially blow it up or Sanders or someone from the Progressive Party really becomes a question of where is the party’s heart at and is that position is banking on the answer that yes, it is.? It seems to me to be sort of a building block of Healthcare and it’s a big issue in America, but also the underpinnings of the ad have to do with loss and understand, loss, and it also enhances Patriot, is sorely missing in America. Empathy and I’m wondering your thoughts on seeing the ad and those two words loss and empathy, because what I see from that ad is Joe Biden uses something that’s really personal, his own personal story and then he leaves it into the sad and talks about Healthcare. Something that’s incredibly important to tens of millions of people, and so probably it’s powerful. It’S smart and I think it’s good that the Biden campaign is talking about issues and in particular Lee Healthcare. Is people have discussed, which would be the issue that will be the most important issue for many Americans instead of talking about Alexa going to move the Country Ford on an issue like healthcare, he talks about that at the end, what he wants to do with Obamacare And building on Obamacare, we know – and we hear about all the time and he’s able to bring that empathy for two to the American people. And I think it’s smart that the smart as smart as more that they did that date on the day’s biggest stories. And you can click on any of the videos around us to watch more from Morning Joe and MSNBC thanks so much for watching
Joe Scarborough: Obamacare should be ‘central message of [Biden’s] campaign in a year that democrats care most about healthcare.’
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Joe Biden Unveils Iowa Ad Defending Obamacare Record | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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