Joe: This Is About Being True To America’s Greatest Values | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Joe: This Is About Being True To America’s Greatest Values | Morning Joe | MSNBC
Joe: This Is About Being True To America’s Greatest Values | Morning Joe | MSNBC
At least 2,500 people are reported missing in the Bahamas. After Hurricane Dorian, Bahamian officials said the list could shrink, because the names have not been checked against those who evacuated or staying in shelters. At least 50 people are confirmed dead as a result of the cat. Five storm that struck the islands early last week and that number is expected to rise boil is now contaminating part of the coastline of the Bahamas days. After Norwegian company reported, the hurricane had blown the tops off of oil storage tanks, Grand Bahama Island, the oil company equinor disclosed yesterday, the oil had been spotted in the open Waters along the same Coast is the terminal and it was investigating the origin and that’s built. The Bahamas, Minister of the environment, says the government will take care of this bill as soon top priority taking care of its people has been secured. Meanwhile, those trying to flee the Bahamas can come to the United States temporarily, but will not be allowed to live and work in this country. The Trump administration had been debating whether to give temporary for add status to Bahamian displaced by Hurricane Dorian, but it Administration official tells NBC news. They will be allowed into the us if they have the right travel documents, but will not be granted. Work permits the status. Would have allowed them to work and live in the u.s. till it is safe to return home. Temporary protected status is currently granted the more than 300,000 people living in the US, including victims of Haiti’s 2010 earthquake, was bringing NBC News. Correspondent, Julia Ainsley has been covering the so Julia. What distinction does the Trump Administration make in this case versus a the Haitian folks who came here after that horrible earthquake? Why is this time different in? Why won’t these people be given temporary status, differences, political and then you look at the way temporary protected status have been given in the past. It wasn’t carte blanche to everyone from that country, but there would be a date and time that you picked today September 12th and said anyone here from the Bahamas is granted temporary protected status. Anyone who comes after that will not be that’s the way. This has been done in the past, but in this case the Trump Administration has decided not to go forward with temporary protected status, with people from the Bahamas who were leaving hurricane Dorian and large part B. Temporary protected status is something that this Administration does not like. They have tried to end it for countless other countries. Some they have is something that people who are fans of Stephen Miller have been fighting against, because I think that it gives people to long to live here off and they can say 10 or 15 years, because it takes so long for their home countries to be Deemed safe, so in this case it seems to be rooted in the administration beliefs, about immigration, more so than the actual stations on the ground are in the Bahamas. A couple of days ago we were talking about the Bahamian. People would need to come to the United States, who said they have to have a passport to travel documents underlined that again today. Well, that’s something we’ve seen before, where the victims of natural disasters would need travel documents just to arrive here and with consulate call people get documentation that they might not be able to find in the middle of that Rubble that you’re showing there on the screen. There has been some cooperation, we understand, for example, that’s fairy that was supposed to stop and that’s all they would have been able to try to get Visa people there and that one particular case the ferry did not coordinate with us authorities. But it’s something to keep an eye on in the coming days to see how many people are actually able to come here. We do understand about 1,500 people, as of Monday, were able to come to Florida from the Bahamas. It’S not clear how many were able to stay for significant. Of time or were sent back because they did not have to travel proper travel documents issued travel documents, we’re just looking at you know. My passport is in the kitchen drawer by the you know the plates and silverware those pictures. It’S gone, everything is gone, but it seems to a lot of people that the Trump Administration make an Extraordinary Measures to prevent people from specific nations of a specific skin color. From entering the United States of America watching were watching friends when you think about how arbitrary and miserly have lost everything we’re looking at them in saying and you’re not going to find it elevation here, we’re asking people who are fleeing poverty to come to Poverty right Cuz we’re telling people you can’t work, you telling people! You can’t stay here if you’re telling people you’re fleeing poverty to come to Poverty at a time when people have everything and we’re. Looking at this cycle now we’re at least hundred-year storms are now having on an annual basis. This is not going. This is going to be a recurring theme that we’ve got to prepare for his world and got to have policies that connection and reinforce the basic Humanity. If you are going to need, I think about you know I work where I you know what’s expected in with with with with migrants, at Robin Hood and no one of the programs that that we fun is a program called I care wear Century. You know what what I care is: it’s it’s providing immigration attorneys and another support to migrant children who are in the process of deportation hearings because other than that they be defending themselves children. It goes back to a basic idea of humanity. Watch out, you can give a child that situation actual legal support, their chances of supporting chance of a basic fabric of humanity, brilliant. It is really we look at these pictures and you realize how close this is to the United States of America and the pain and suffering that these human beings are injuring. And then you look at the country that Donald Trump is a present.. It’S a richest country country on the planet. Donald Trump himself is the biggest spending president of all time, the largest deficits of all-time the largest debt of all time, the biggest budget of all time that even Rand Paul said was the most Reckless spending, possibly the history of this country, Pentagon budget. It’S a biggest budget of all time where Donald Trump is actually spending more money than the Pentagon is requesting for programs at the Pentagon doesn’t want, and you look at those human being suffering. What do they need? They don’t need an F-22. They they need bottles of water, they need shelter, they need food. I saw this in Katrina. Their children need clean diapers, they need the basic necessities of life and in the grand scheme of things and the grand scheme of of of of of our federal Buy it’s something we would not feel, especially in the age of Donald Trump and the biggest spender in Us history he’s talking about a 15 billion dollar bailout to arrive. This is again a guy that gave 15 billion dollars in a socialist game to the largest agricultural industrial Industries out there, because his is protectionism and his trade Wars have hurt American farmers so much brother. Can you spare a dime? That’S what this would be like? Two Donald Trump’s Administration into the budget, these people to keep these people like to show just a shred of humanity in this time of trouble, he’s making another version of the Caravan argument that he made migrants coming up from Central America about the Bahamas after Hurricane here’s. What he said and why he wants to be quote Top. We are very bad people, some very bad gang members and some very, very bad drug dealers. The president said if the people trying to flee hurricane in the Bahamas, it’s interesting as Westpoint. Susan, the groups of people that he chooses to label that way, the designer of the rebuilding of lower Manhattan and the friend. He was talking about the Freedom Tower and he said when he was down there. He was thinking of the history and looking out at the Statue of Liberty and how it was part of the rep impatient to bring us your hungry. Your tired, your poor and immediately. I thought snot under Donald Trump, and it was just a really sad reflection of that’s where we went as a country coming together and after 9/11 to country that this president wants to tear apart and stop Hope from Spring eternal rides. Any policy decisions that it is, as I’ve said it and its people know that, if followed my career in Congress, I’m very conservative when it comes to immigration and making sure that bullet come here, come here legally, that’s not what this is about. What this is about is exactly which Susan just said. This is about being true to what America’s greatest values are. The bird’s feather inscribed on the Statue of Liberty, the promised that his guided this great land and made it a city shining brightly on the hill. For all the world to see at the scriptures and Ronald Reagan, always I mean that phrase: that’s what this country is and we’re talking about people who were what 45 50 60 miles from the United States, no more champagne. The way the president talks about immigration and immigrants, this is who he believes he has to be, and this is his idea of being tough on keeping people out of this country, something we don’t often talk about anymore, but there was a third iteration of that. That is in place now that place is restrictions on people coming here from a number of countries that has president campaigned on and he continues to use as an issue. It’S sometime. Have there been so many policies just this summer, you can look at just with the Supreme Court yesterday saying that they could go for where the Trump Administration could go forward and deny Asylum requests for people coming through Mexico that they have to claim Asylum there before They can come to the United States and be eligible. That is one of the toughest restrictions Administration has been able to successfully Ken cuccinelli. If US citizenship and Immigration Services said yesterday, he will start implementing that there been so many policies this summer or throughout the administration. Some have gone into effect, some haven’t. Sometimes it starts to just get lost in the weeds staying down here. The worst thing is systemic change, its having a very real impact on thousands of people’s lives, video to fishing and fake news. Axios is calling the misinformation age and how it’s hurting more than just our politics, we’ll be right back, has problems with people going to the Bahamas it weren’t supposed to be there. I don’t want to allow people that weren’t supposed to be in the Bahamas to come into the United States, including some very bad, very bad gang members and some very, very bad drug dealers, thanks for checking out MSNBC on YouTube and make sure you subscribe to stay. Up-To-Date on the day’s biggest stories – and you can click on any of the videos around us to watch more for Morning, Joe MSNBC
The U.S. will not grant temporary protected status to people from the Bahamas displaced by Hurricane Dorian, an administration official told NBC News. Reporter Julia Ainsley joins Morning Joe to discuss.
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Joe: This Is About Being True To America’s Greatest Values | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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