John Baird: Former MP Paul Dewar was ‘one of the good guys’

John Baird: Former MP Paul Dewar was ‘one of the good guys’
Opposed to her was the ndp’s foreign affairs critic from 2011 to 2015. His opposition to conservative party and its foreign affairs minister John Baird mr. bear joins me now from Toronto to talk about the loss of Paul Dewar and his legacy good morning. Jon. Thank you for being with us, and fortunately it talk about such sad news. What are your thoughts today about Paul Dewar, see my credit when I was foreign minister are riding for side-by-side. I even some incredibly decent, thoughtful, confident guy. He wasn’t prone to hyperbole pool. He was one of the good guys and the bad guys early Sorry by my first got together with his his family, but he’s got a great legacy. Hiester predicted in Parliament of the great parliamentarian and certainly kept me and the Harper government on our toes everyday on the point of those files, you are on different ends of the political Spectrum. What was your relationship with Paul like when you weren’t talking politics? Give me all hysterically in the house he’d ask smart thoughtful questions when he had the real legitimate concerns. He come over across the floor after question. Before question. And raise them occasionally travel together too, so that you can get and for his official opposition and get a sense of what English we’re going on. Particularly in the Middle East. We visited Iraq and the Kurdish peshmerga in Northern Iraq with the front lines with Isis and he was committed to doing his job thoughtful, intelligent way. It’S it’s a it’s a it’s a real sad day for you. He was incredibly gracious and that you didn’t have to do that, but I just spoke to the decent guy that that he was, and this is a real loss and it says it’s Saturday, Altura
Former foreign affairs minister John Baird says Paul Dewar, his critic, was an ‘incredibly decent, thoughtful, competent guy.’

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