John Bolton out as national security adviser

John Bolton out as national security adviser
John Bolton out as national security adviser
Are cameras spotted John Bolton Outside The West Wing this morning, just hours before the president reveal that he had told him his services are no longer needed at the White House, but the elf for to leave his resignation letter delivered to the president this morning and to Meet with Taliban leaders at Camp David Fulton was also against mr. Trump Embrace of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Hoon and his openness to engaging with a Ron. Cbs News has learned in his 17 months with the National Security team and had become increasingly isolated. Even skipping meeting being Secretary of State Mike Pompeo we’re locked in a public Feud bride, your working relationship with John Bolton, Syria, rated Bolton, is extraordinary abrasive. I think that the very beginning his style works for him and we did hang joins us now from the White House. I wait for the president’s tweet announcing volt inspiring came just an hour after the White House schedule to breathing that Bolton was supposed to attend decision by the you know. This is a really bizarre and unexplained so far Twitter. This that briefing with secretary Pompeo and mnuchin to talk about counterterrorism was already on the official White House schedule, but you’re right an hour before the president fired off barranquita, actually added to the schedule that he would be talking about counterterrorism. And so it doesn’t seem like the White House, with a little bit decided to do in that moment. At secretary Pompeo was asked if he was blindsided by this. Given the fact the Bolton was supposed to be standing next to him and he said he’s not surprised by anything, and perhaps that’s because of this ongoing dispute and mounting between Fulton and the presence of a spur-of-the-moment decision, because their relationship had been deteriorating for several. Several months and but what caused him to pull the trigger today, you know we’ll have to wait to ask President. We can tell you, though, that began really getting frustrated and angry at Bolton, Because he believes Bolton leaked a story that said Trump wanted to explore. The use of nuclear weapons to stop hurricanes from hitting the US that might have been when things really took a turn for the South, and in here we are today, but it’s still know this ongoing dispute over policies that led to this sudden dismissal different opinions from Not just president, when it came to negotiating with Americas, when I asked him if it would make it easier for him to do his job, if it would be easier for the administration to accomplish the president’s foreign policy agenda and he said no, because those policies are The presidents, and even though he has different voices in his ear the day, is still the president’s decision in the president’s ideas that they are trying to push through, but certainly what we know isn’t Bolton with a big voice in the presidency or even to the very End to the presidents that you know made a factor in his decision making posted that and he expressed that because he is a hawkish hard-liner. He does not believe you know these things should be given as gifts to our adversaries. So that’s one less voice in the ear when he goes to make these high stakes decision. Have you reported remember to leave the Trump Administration as a result? Many agencies are currently led by and I think the president would say it helps him because it keeps his death on their toes. His own Chief of Staff make Mulvaney has said. You know he’s really aware that he could be fired at any time whether he was acting or not. So what does it matter if there’s a way acting in front of the title, and I think this is just part of the president’s strategy and his managerial style? If you will to send the message that you know no job and no one is 100 % protective, you know when it comes to working with other agencies and with foreign leaders. You know whoever is in that position certainly has all the duties of that roll, but no, it is an asterisk that always remains its new they’re just acting and I’m sure no one feels Totally Secure is being floated around as possible Replacements at this point, or is It a little early for that. I’M certainly you know you can anticipate the president thinking about who he wants to appoint to this position. He’S already said he plans to name somebody next weekend. We know that among those are the ambassador to Germany, as well as the acting I’m sorry, that Richard CEO Brian, who is a special Emissary for hostage Affairs and right now, its Bolton’s number to as serving the position until anything becomes official and Charles peppermint. Of course, we do not expect him to stay long because he worked extremely closely with voted and was it sort of on that side, but as to when exactly and who it will be done, your you know, cuz, we seen it many times. It all depends on when the president decides to make that announcement likely the way he announced Bolton’s departure, the ensuite for sure all right. Thank you.
Another member of the Trump administration has left the White House as John Bolton will no longer serve as national security adviser. Taking to Twitter on Tuesday, President Trump said he asked for Bolton’s resignation, citing disagreements the two had on foreign policy. CBS News White House correspondent Weijia Jiang joins CBSN with the latest.

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