John Brennan: Intel Likely To Uncover Truth In Jamal Khashoggi Disappearance | Morning Joe | MSNBC

John Brennan: Intel Likely To Uncover Truth In Jamal Khashoggi Disappearance | Morning Joe | MSNBC
I’Ve been there biggest offender on the floor of the United States Senate. This guy is a wrecking ball. He had this guy murdered and a consulate and turkey and expect me to ignore it. I feel used and abused. I was on the floor every time defending Saudi Arabia, customers that lied, there’s a difference between a country and an individual thing. Mbs figure is to me toxic. He can never be a world leader on the world stage, the CIA station Chief in Saudi Arabia for 3 years, and he is currently a senior National Security and intelligence analyst for NBC news, thanks for being on this morning on the president equivocating lying on the world Stage about the potential alleged murder of a journalist, why isn’t there more pushback from inside his administration from the foreign-policy community from the National Security community from perhaps the Secretary of State? Who is there? Why aren’t we seeing something stronger, more clearer and More in line with American values? Schedules have been looking to speak out despite the facts and reality, because Donald Trump is somebody who does not allow that type of dissension and takes it very personally. And I do think that the Donald Trump another’s right now we’re trying to find out how they can navigate what is a think, a very difficult situation trying to preserve not just another States relationship with Saudi Arabia’s, but their own personal relationship with Muhammad Salman Turkish officials. According to published reports have shared audio recordings of what they say, happened. Surveillance are you in the room when she showed you was killed with us intelligence. So how much this morning does US intelligence know about the death of the Shoji? They know a lot more than we know and I think they’ve been getting information from their Turkish counterparts as well as other types of intelligence, collection, capabilities, Technical and otherwise, and that’s why they are putting together the picture of what happened for Donald Trump and others. That’S why it makes it very difficult for Trump, as well as Muhammad Salman, to talk some type of cover story, because I think the intelligence is going to Beloit, sharing everything. It knows about this story with him. Hopefully they are – and I have confidence that my colleagues are teeing up at least 2 to the White House, what it is that they know and they are capability to collect additional information and what the Saudis now yes right now are doing and trying to to cover Up the story so Mike when the president goes at stands there and says I take this out he’s at the word. They deny it he’s doing that knowing all of what director Brennan is just told us about what intelligence sharing with them in the presidential daily brief. But I think the director is absolutely right. So let me ask you this, given everything that we know that’s on the public record today, cuz of reporting, it appears that the Crown Prince is tripping right up to the wire of accessory to murder, given that, given what we know and giving your knowledge of the Kingdom, what are they doing to try and save, or how much effort are they putting into trying to save the Crown Prince? You can cock in the cover story? Will Muhammad Salman is Crown Prince, really has a monopoly on power in Saudi Arabia, including in the royal family and over the years, but number of those powerful princes of either died, or he has Sidelines and neutralized. So people not reporting to him and I’m sure that he is working with them to try to find out how that they can protect themselves and, most importantly, for him how he can protect himself from being implicated in this King Salman. If he were in his younger years, I think he would have gotten to the this and he wouldn’t care, even if it was his favorite son. That did something like that. I think would hold them to account, but I don’t see who is the independent voice now within the royal family? That has the strength and the political fortitude to be able to challenge the Crown Prince on this. The Assumption built into what you just said that that people in the royal family would have ejected what happened in in Istanbul. I mean this is we’re not again. I hear country a royal family because of course, family business is a family that uses beheading and crucifixion. As forms of the death penalty, this is an absolute monarchy, there’s no Freedom, they use violence to advance their goals and all kinds of ways. How different is this from the usual order of business in Saudi Arabia that this family is conducted over the years? I think this is very difference and, yes, things happened in the past where the Saudis would engage in these types of horrific and extrajudicial acts that they would carry out. You know they carry out in the Islamic executions in this whole cording to the law, but this goes well beyond anything that I have seen in my history of working in and with the Saudis stop before Muhammad Salman had assumed the Crown Prince position. He is the day today is his maker in Saudi Arabia, my counterpart, when I was there Muhammad night after we were working very closely with assault in total Services, trying to professionalize them, trying to make sure that they did it here to what the requirements are for. Intelligent security officials – I think Muhammad Salman – has thrown that book out the door because he is doing everything he can to continue to consolidate his position and to prevent any type of criticism of opposition from Gaining traction might be threatening to him. You said that the stars are going to have to choose between their relationship with the US and Muhammad bin Salman, but it sounds to me like you’re, not sure that there’s an alternative mean what does the future of this out of government even look like if he Can’T stay in this well, it’s good question because there’s no clearly anointed successor to that conference position and again I don’t know the state of King Solomon’s, current mental health. He is aging and I don’t know whether or not he is able to deal with effectively. I think Muhammad Salman has been very, very stupid as far as preventing that came from receiving any information that Muhammad Salman does not want. So I think it’s a real crisis right now. I’M hoping that again to Congress and then put the pressure on the administration to get to the bottom of this and hold a size, 2 account and I think squarely lies in Mohammed bin, Salman Khan’s quarter. Sister told me when we were talking about this privately effectively. What he says that the Saudi government likes what’s happening right now, because number one they don’t think the Trump Administration will do anything punitive anything significant significantly Peter but number 2, because, even though the gruesome details that are out in public send a message to other dissidence Into other journalists that this is what happens when you cross the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, I don’t agree with that, but clearly this now is getting to be a Donnybrook and I think Mohammed bin Salman badly miscalculated the reaction to this and look what has happened to Davos in the desert everybody’s pulling back from that investments in other types of things. So it’s signal. Two opponents is one thing, but the the attendance down sides that are accruing now to the US or relationship as well as how individuals, not just Americans, but also Europeans and others, are going to be looking at Muhammad Salman. This is a story going to continue to play out. I think in the coming days, weeks and months, Amanda knows this country in this story all too well former CIA director John Brennan. Thank you very much appreciate it Trump says not to worry. He has a natural instinct for science was playing next in the morning jump list to watch more from Morning Joe and MSNBC thanks so much for watching
Former CIA Director John Brennan comments on the disappearance of journalist Jamal Khashoggi and why he says there is a ‘real crisis’ right now in the Saudi government.
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John Brennan: Intel Likely To Uncover Truth In Jamal Khashoggi Disappearance | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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