John Hickenlooper: You need competition to make capitalism work

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John Hickenlooper: You need competition to make capitalism work
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John Hickenlooper: You need competition to make capitalism work
John Hickenlooper: You need competition to make capitalism work
What’S a democratic candidates growing to now nearly two-dozen, and we welcome now one of them to the show a former businessman he’s a two-term governor Colorado. He’S 2020 Contender. He’S Democrat Governor governors of pleasure to have you on in America, isn’t serving the people of America and just because we have a strong stock market doesn’t need. America is better off and the last 3 years, but it doesn’t mean that the capitalism is succeeding. Democrats, ideas really flawed data in the incoming equality fight. It’S misleading voters. Any the Federal Reserve says that survey that says those making lesson do tour. The Federal Reserve says those making less than 40K. The Federal Reserve says that that is mostly lower-income people surveyed and the Census Bureau is always saying morning that people always under report their income and talking to the government and the number the Democrats Congress got a Medicare Medicaid food stamps little over. The Federal Reserve can use their reliable, lower-income. Americans capitalism is moving, it’s working, pretty good right, now. Made political considerations, often Trump or override good economics. When you have the government stuff again right, remarkably low levels of savings, we got all kinds of challenges. I mean we don’t have for 40 years, we’ve been having every year. Let’S start a bus, business creation, that’s where new jobs are competition, I believe in capitalism, but you need competition to make capitalism work. I agree with Bernie Sanders single-payer plan. What’S your position on that? Another people that can’t get Health Care on the private exchanges need to have Medicare or Medicare Advantage, but you’re, not, I don’t believe you going to take health insurance away from 150 million. You know what’s really interesting. I would like your final word on this turn and we were really grateful that you came on Jamie dimon said it took just eight years to put a man on the moon and it takes 12 years to get a permit to build a bridge Revitalize lower downtown Denver right with the restaurants and pubs, you know what it’s like to run: a business right, methane regulations by everyone working together while I was driving, went through 24500 rules and regulations in Colorado and we either simplified or even got rid of it. Almost 11,000. That’S appropriate regulation, but you still need regulation. I hear what you’re saying but, sir, you know you’ve been really interesting. Coming back on, I really like it at this debate, and you know talking to you about this, so you gave some insights and perspectives there that I sent a Democrat Party needs to listen to more interesting, individual
2020 presidential candidate and former Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper (D) explains how he plans to fix capitalism in America.

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