John Kelly to stay on as White House chief of staff through 2020

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John Kelly to stay on as White House chief of staff through 2020
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now to new developments from the White House CBS News confirms Chief of Staff John Kelly will remain in his post through the 2020 election at president Trump’s request this comes after reports of tension between the two on a Wire range of issues earlier my colleague Weena 9 and spoke with Bob Cusack from the hill for some analysis me now from Washington Bob Cusack editor-in-chief of the hell the job how how surprising is that he’s actually staying on despite the controversies this is very surprising I mean most people in Washington including myself expected that Kelly was going to be out at the White House sometime this summer you can hit that one year mark and and there’s going to be somebody else in the job and of course the question was Will who who is that going to be attending and maybe that’s what Trump thought about and that he has been at odds with Kelly at times but he has been an asset to the Trump White House they made this really bold move I mean this is going to be a long time to be Chief of Staff it’s a very very tough job especially when this white house we have so many factions fighting one another hang and then all the sudden we hear you staying I think not rocking the boat especially before the midterms they’ve had some the good news recently at the North Korea Summit went fairly well but then the economy and the GDP numbers from I think they wanted to stay that course at least be on this election but now we’re talking about all the way to 2020 that is very significant and and maybe Trump just looked around so you know I’m not sure anyone else can do this job the Kelly would leave and he wouldn’t replace somebody would have no Chief of Staff which would be at least in the modern era just on president to pass immigration legislation we know it’s completely fails including the one that was backed by the present and do you think that Republicans can move on Bill any brought immigration bill before the election certainly not but it’s something that does resonate with the base the wall it is the Trump face they love to hear about that so or is he actually going to shut down the government if he doesn’t get a billions and billions and billions of dollars to fund the wall I think it’s more talk because immigration full show does get Republicans to the polls and they need Republicans need Trump’s base to show up even though Trump sound about it so I don’t think there’s going to be a shutdown does give me a lot of drama between now and when they have a final deal in the fall shut down that we have to pass the immigration bill I don’t know if that’s possible we got to get the 10 Democratic votes and I’m not going to government is something that could certainly affect the electoral process of November this town they control the House and Senate in the white house now Republicans Congress the trying to keep a majority zanon on the flip side Democrats are trying to win back majority so I don’t I don’t think it’s in anybody’s interest for a shutdown because one side could get blamed and then the whole thing the whole election becomes about us this is where Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan and Nancy Pelosi and Schumer they all agree they want to avoid it shut down and then let just let the voters vote on November 6th free Department reported the treasury Department is reportedly considering a tax cut for the wealthy that would actually bypass Congressional approval getting that would help or hurt Republicans on the right including Grover norquist it been pushing the administration to administratively change that now there’s questions whether if you bypass Congress this is going to go to the courts and can they do it the treasury Department is split on this issue so I think for republicans any type of tax relief it’s good for the base and it’s something they can point to the they got done however if they try to move this just through an executive order and not through Congress expect the courts to weigh in and some experts say that the courts would say no this is got to do this could be a legal battle ahead of this goes further play with no longer a threat to this means for the White House and denuclearization we’re good but the fact that they are begging apparently reneging on their deal and and doing things secretly has they’ve done before and that’s what I want ministration officials warn you can’t you can’t trust the North Koreans so the fact that they are apparently going against their word is a sign that these two boxes really don’t amount to much unless there’s another change so I think it’s going to be months and months before you have any type of closure on whether a deal can be reached or if the US just says listen we’re not going to talk to you anymore until stop playing these games changes tune on North Korea before the election I think he wants to play it out Rex Tillerson Pompeo has gone to North Korea a couple times so I think he’s banking that pompeyo can both be tough and also be diplomatic buddy Ryan facials are saying that after pulling out of the Iranian nuclear deal the US is completely untrustworthy is the White House facing a credibility problem because of President Trump’s take on foreign policy the rain does not want to sit down with him after he scrapped beer and nuclear deal that some of his administration were saying should be kept so this is not a surprise in the fact that he said no preconditions I’m ready to talk I deny that meeting by ran right out of the gates were others obviously wanted to it to meet with Trump I think it’s a setback like Putin in like a chairman Kim so I think that this Saran us relationship is just going to get worse and worse so you see those welding so poison that you don’t think a deal is likely in this Administration with a run I don’t think so I don’t remember North Korea and Trump we’re going at it for a while before they met but I don’t I don’t see that happening anytime soon if we can join us job
White House chief of staff John Kelly says President Trump asked him to stay on through 2020 and he agreed. The Hill editor-in-chief Bob Cusack joins CBSN with more.

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