John Tory lashes out at council meeting: ‘You demean yourself’

I was honest today when I was asked a question and I was honest and talking about exactly what I knew which was not much she was about a 50-second discussion at that I had that went nowhere and it gave me no and it gave me no indication whatsoever have any intention do anything it was I called it amusing but I was honest about it and I think you should be ashamed of yourself when you get up in the chamber used to mean this place you’ve used to being this place to demean me but more importantly you demean yourself when you get up and call my Tegrity in the question because I know I know I’m confident that the people the people understand the people why don’t you just let me finish and then you can say what you have to say to this chamber that came from using the people up there or anywhere else would be here having meetings all the time there was no attention given whatsoever and you’ve been doing it actively on Twitter all day and you should be ashamed of yourself that is precisely when it’s raining 6 + leads to this kind of thing because you and others behave in that manner and I think you should stand in your place and apologize to me and to this chamber for getting up and then that kind of that that that way where you’re just kind of implying it but not saying it get up if you the balls to do and say it okay alright I’m members no no no no sorry no there’s no no no I’m sorry I have some procedure I’m sorry I’m sorry
Toronto Mayor John Tory lashed out at Councillor Mike Layton during a tense meeting over Doug Ford’s plan to slash city council.

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