John Tory slams Doug Ford over spending cuts | Power & Politics

John Tory slams Doug Ford over spending cuts | Power & Politics
John Tory slams Doug Ford over spending cuts | Power & Politics
Not allow the province to drive to city backwards. Will he use to stop because he is the mayor of Toronto and he joins me from rstudio there. The speech to the Scarborough Business Association, about the provincial cuts and from what it sounded like is. It sounds like you’re trying to up the pressure on Premier Ford. Can you explain why pipi’s the members of Rachel Parliament who got elected got elected on the basis that they are going to strengthen Toronto by cutting child care and cutting public health, or for that matter, they’re going to solve their financial problems? It’S only one tax farewell! If what you do, is you download responsibilities for Vital services elected on the basis of I’m having some kind of mandate to cut those things that I think are real considered and that are going to hurt Toronto at a time when Toronto is very successful? I want to be strong for torontonians and for Ontario and for the rest of Canada. We have been supported, means doing things that enhance jobs and and and protect jobs. Martin is it in his wheelhouse well within his rights to make any sort of changes. As of this nature, I’ve Services, the building of regional economies and SWAT to be unwise, even if it was deemed to be why wouldn’t they sit down with, we can do a better job of delivering Public Health Services to people in and try to do it more Efficiently, but there was no consultation, there was no discussion, composing harsher than any other City, but any other city in BC or, conversely, on the other end of the country. They say that makes no sense, especially when Toronto is we’re on top of the world. In terms of opportunity opportunity, please things in a way: that’s going to benefit the strength of Canada and our ability to have a strong economy in them. You know two patients. Was there a concerted push from your office? Will? What did you do? No consultation. So after the fact we said well, could we sit down with you and we still said that and I will say right now I said today I will go anywhere any time to sit down with the officials to talk about financial problems they have, but do it In a way that doesn’t adversely impacted a city that attracts investment and that retains jobs and that you know his kind of a model for the rest of the world will because the services were talking about here, Child Care, Public Health, student, nutrition programs, restaurant inspections are Spread across the city, and so every single member cuz, I think they can speak to their own government and say this is not wise. They have programs in their areas that are going to be lost, are going to be damaged, didn’t run on this, you didn’t get. How do do you understand the word where the promise may be coming from a Doug Ford had sort of campaigned on that they needed to sort of his campaign? Touchdown, there’s a mess it with the books at Queen’s Park that the Liberals ran up deficits that were out of control and he’s Nike. Priority is going to be bouncing. Budget need to do more today to do their part and we impose tax increases and then then reduce expenditures accordingly, to balance the budget, how does that make any sense services that are vital to the province’s OWN publicly combative, with Doug Ford, you guys ran against each Other for mayor backhoe and in the last month or the previous mayoral election did not the last one, the one before that Doug Ford heavily criticized the way City Hall cups to the number of City councillors. Politics is personal. Is this personal at this point, for you also, I I don’t operate that way. I don’t think that accomplishes anything. I think that’s part of what I talked about her the wrong when I said it seems that everybody in this world today is becoming more polarized and trying to say our responsibility, our Collective responsibility as three garments, and I should say by the way the federal government Now has much more respected the role of cities as engines of the economy. I said today, why did you do this in such a unilateral with their children’s teeth, and so I have no intention of making it first decided. I don’t think so, because I see him and tells me it’s not. So I have to take him to at what makes Toronto and Ontario strong in terms of supporting people and making sure they’re equipped to have a jobs and able to have jobs and and keep the country moving forward. Trying to say we’ll find when we’re being criticized. For a failure to even look for efficiencies to call into question of significant priority, how to make a beer more widely available at a time and we’re saying to people who need help with their child care or who need to see student nutrition programs in place or Who need to see their Transit System must do their part to help reduce the especially if I’m going to do. What more do. We know about John Tories pitch today and Doug Porter, just not the best of friends, and they don’t have the best track record, but it does seem, like things are really starting to boil over now, they’re really starting to have some fighting words amongst the two of Them what I think is most problematic what this could mean for the federal cousins, the federal Tories, because, if there’s just as constant stream of cuts and bad news coming from Queens Park, only perhaps to balance the budget asking for votes for Andrew Scheer at that time. Because they’ll simply remember the conservative brand to be you know, autism in public health and all these things that we’re talking about now. I think it’s really hard for any government to tackle so many issues at once. It seems like the progressive conservative monterio is tackling every major issue: that’s within their jurisdictions. That’S really hard to fight back against every day when there are so many people ready and lined up to take you on everyday. It just creates a negative media and varmint. That’S. Why I say that can’t be a good thing for indoor shoes when you have to really make inroads in the 905 in the 416? That’S really a key Battleground for any party that wants to form government and he doesn’t have to contend with all the baggage. Perhaps it’s coming from the government. True budget came out the anticipation around that had been. It was going to be a deep cut budgets, but when it was released today, as it was not necessarily as the cuts were known as deep as everyone had been expecting, the Liberals had planned to campaign against her to say. Listen if you vote Andrew Scheer at the federal level, take a look at this budget. This is a preview of what’s to come, but they didn’t get that ammunition. This tension between a John Tori and Doug Ford. Could this lead to problems for the federal conservatives? Well, I mean it’s been coming for a while. Now, the Day of Reckoning is spending under the Liberals deficit spending. The story always was, if Government keep spending somehow going to result in a balanced budget that never works, but the same story they’re trying to feed us at the federal level by the way call Martin and John Carter in the mid-1990s going to do some minor tweaks Around the edge we’re going to ask people to find better value for money in the spending to be found, the city of Toronto for instances commissioning money on a study to ban energy drinks. It’S spending $ 10 on a fleet of light-duty vehicles that aren’t used enough to justify their cost according to the independent auditor general. So there are opportunities for this city to reduce its pending, but of course the mayor is going to push back on that. So I think some of this tension is inevitable. Is it can be good for Andrew Scheer know at the end of it? Hopefully, finances are going to be in better shape, and this is what was elected to do fight in Toronto. Of course, I’m forgetting it. Mr. Tori had mr. Ford’s job as leader of the progressive conservative party, not too long ago during the municipal election campaign. I remember very clearly. I was helping out Jennifer Keith Meadows run against John Tori, and then there was a conversation about because obviously the Ford government was going to Cloud the conversation about. You know how the mirror will go forward. Do all these things in those that we’re supporting other candidates. We’Re going do you really expect that the Ford government is going to sit down and listen to mister Tori and then say you’re right we’re going to go back on all the things that we just promise? Is it the kind of things that they’re cutting? I think they’re better going to go to the core things like public health. Libraries actually want to see those things funded. Well, particularly when we’ve got things like measles outbreak in the anti-vax movement. Those things are, or I think are a very tricky for the for the government to say this isn’t about efficiencies when really it’s about People’s Health and the health of children in our school system. So it’s about time that you’re for or Mister atores is standing up. It’S a little, I do too little late. I thought he’s following people on city council Eye Joe Presley who’s, the head of the Health Board in Toronto, he’s been taking the lead and I think the shirt Mister Tori feels the need to at least follow, and I hope that they have it out because it Is a worthy conversation to have an adventure? Ford wants to go up again: City of Toronto. It behooves all the city, council and the mayor to stand up for the city of some sort of federal rippleffect here. For the conservatives not make the argument, we have the books and look at the mess were and we’re in right now we’re going to end up in the same situation as the provincial as a province of Ontario and and that’s why you should vote conservative now. Is that an argument you could see from what is confronted with that point? If you speak to any, I think most citizens, whether they re liberal or conservative, and talked about the importance of the economy and wanting to have a good governance and and controlling most, would agree where they would disagree is if this cutting of deficits is done. On the box really of low income of the low-income families, daycare public health of the list isn’t Brad went through and I think a lot of people will say we’ll wait a minute. I don’t remember hearing about that during the campaign. I don’t remember hearing Doug four-door or, if they’re, conservative, Federal Lisa speaking about that. So all this talk about it’s a question about being more efficient, okay! Well, let’s talk about that. Why is it? Why is it that these choices are being made, and that’s why I feel like, in the case of of John Tori, he’s doing what he can, because to once you have a government weather they are federal, government or provincial 1-ton Ford is is, is what was democratically Elected and he’s going to be coming up on his first year, so we there for at least three more years, so the decisions that he’s making he is he was he he allowed to do the middle one that can put that into question other than to mobilize The population is to the impacts and that’s what he’s doing and that cannot hurt. I think it more so hurts Andrew Scherer as we come forward as we move forward to are the upcoming federal election than it can help him, because people are saying we want to make sure our economies is strong and that weird would govern responsibility. It responsibly. Putelis again, is that going to mean for me and end for families JP last 30 seconds to you. What should we watch for going forward with this fat so often vote for one party provincially and the exact party Federal Ubisoft, the road, the Dalton mcguinty years? They voted for Stephen Harper, just as often as they voted for Dalton mcguinty are looking at this saying all this is good for us because they voted for Doug Ford in the wave last year. They might still go with us again in the fall, because Ontario just likes to do that, one guy in Power Inn in Queens Park and another person, I should say in Ottowa. So I think that that’s absolutely something they’re looking for and then provincial are both. Let’S not forget that they were very unpopular and there was a big sigh of relief from a lot of people here in autoimmune Kathleen when lost the last provincial election, because her grandma just so unpopular at the door. That could be the opposite here now with Doug Ford, thanks for watching
Toronto Mayor John Tory is blasting Doug Ford’s Ontario government for slashing funding for city services.
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