Jojo Rabbit and A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood open at TIFF

Jojo Rabbit and A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood open at TIFF
Jojo Rabbit and A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood open at TIFF
Such a touching thoughtful like weird trippy Springs, Scarlett Johansson they’re on the red carpet is radar as one of the movies you were mostly, I think forward to, and here is Eli with us this morning. So having experienced the carpet in the film comedy about Hitler and Nazism, I’m literally screaming like maybe, if I’m not on next hour, I can go so I’m going to stay here. Repeat the survivors of the Holocaust are dying, and so there is this fear from some that you take on a subject that is so serious and so important and you make it into a joke. You’Re lampooning is that the right thing to do is: does the movie work? Well, we heard from people again and again on the carpet. Is that this? If ever there was a time to laugh at Nazis, the time is now and in fact the reasons are increasing. Listen to what is Stephen Merchant, who was in the film had to say, and this kind of this going to Prejudice himself. You know him from Thor Ragnarok and so many other films that he was saying, maybe wouldn’t work as well and a straight on film. But we also got a chance to catch up with Scarlett Johansson, who plays the mother in this film, if she’s actually hiding Jews from the Nazis and is moving as she was like so excited to work with Waikiki, who is intelligent and irreverent and use this voice. That Hollywood just wants to, I think, work with right now, but from Toronto and audience yet like regular people, not industry honchos that morning for Rush tickets, try and go in to see that film and take a listen to her reaction kind of at what you’re doing And then, and then when, when when they get excited to see it, it’s like that’s the magic right. You want to share that, and I also in Go to rabbit, and you know what really struck me watching this film is not only. This is a movie. That’S like re-educating all of us. This is a movie where sometimes the film actually has an episode, neighborhood and he’s talking to the ice, and there was this feeling where I’m in the theater, with all these torontonians and Mister Rogers saying have you ever felt like that? Have you had trouble letting go of those emotions? How do you feel people we have? This relate to responding to Hanks version of mr. Rogers, but we did get a chance to catch up with Tom Hanks fairly was crazy carpet on the red carpet host special. In talking about his Integrity, let’s take a look choose even when you’re working in the midst of extremely shaky and bendable beat job put on television, and it was singularly honest and if you could easily just because it was and honesty that matter to you and me, It was an honest mistake that mattered too extremely young people who did not know how the world work from previous film to Eddie Murphy. The return of Eddie Murphy I was on the red carpet for Dolemite is my name. He is playing his legendary blaxploitation character. Kind of kung fu shopping pimp and now that’s Eddie, Murphy’s Ben and Jamie Foxx, based-on-a-true-story Bryan Stevenson, who is spend his career crusading for the wrongly accused, many of them on death. Row. covert – and I think one of the big questions is not guy playing Joker. Joaquin Phoenix major award at the Venice Film Festival finally Toronto tonight getting its look about just what he’s doing as an actor. There were some fears that you know in this time of shootings and violence. Is this the right time to present such a Dark Twisted Vision? So that’s not a laughing matter classic comedy character. Something very different, then we’ll be talking about that film. Very soon, just won the best picture, that’s from a major studio and be actually based on a comic book, so that maybe bodes well for Joker. I’M looking forward to our conversation later on and tomorrow Eli. Thank you very much on the red carpet for us. Let’S bring you speaking of Tom Hanks. You know the story of the Grinder coffee, small business and Toronto, which try to attract a celeb member that cardboard cutout from Ryan Gosling. Now they set up trying to attract Tom Hanks who’s in town, as Eli was just saying for a beautiful day in the neighborhood. For a drink and some pictures and the owner wasn’t there, so we actually talked to her on the phone. I wonder who it’ll be next year: pretty gracious Hollywood stars in town for a film festival day 5 of Tiff – and this is CBC News.
Actor Scarlett Johansson explains why Jojo Rabbit, an anti-fascist satire about the Second World War, is turning heads at TIFF. Then, Tom Hanks slips into Fred Rogers’s sneakers in A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.

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