Judge blocks release of blueprints for 3D-printed guns

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Judge blocks release of blueprints for 3D-printed guns
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federal judge in Washington state has issued a temporary restraining order stopping the release of blueprints to make untraceable 3D printing guns it’s the latest development in a controversy that’s gone on for years after a company in Texas developed instructions on how to make a plastic gun with a 3D printer Court battle ensued when the company made the instructions available to be downloaded last month there was a government settlement that allow the plants to be posted online starting August 1st multiple State Attorneys General have been fighting that and here we are today the president tweeted this quote I’m looking 3D plastic guns being sold to the public already spoke to NRA doesn’t seem to make much sense hours later the White House Deputy press secretary said this on Airforce One in the United States plastic gun of any kind including Administration support to do what is necessary to protect Americans I’ll also supporting the first and second so it’s a lot of the same chords as the NRA statement which region part quote regardless of what a person may be able to Publix on the internet undetected plastic guns have been illegal for 30 years federal law passed in 1988 crafted with the NRA support makes it unlawful to manufacture import sell shift deliver possess transfer or received an undetectable firearm driving now is Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson who just Victory stopping releases blueprints at least temporarily thanks for being with us this temporary restraining order that you’ve been granted what does it mean going forward into in terms of the law here thanks for having me on again Anderson appreciated this the Nationwide ban so what does it takes us back to appear time before the federal government flipped on their policy regarding these three gun 3D ghost guns what it means is if anyone post online there in violation of federal law and get supper very serious consequences will makes it unlawful to post an information and make it available to the public the government offer a settlement to allow These Blueprints on the internet wasn’t it State Department that stepped in to prevent them from being posted online that is a very good question Anderson and truly it’s baffling to me and many others why the federal government made this decision and just be clear to your point there isn’t a court case going on in which the warmest rhaetian and the Trump Administration opposed this entity down in Texas from make misinformation public the state department file declarations talk about the National Security risk the cave on the case they were winning and allow this empty to go forward it’s truly breathtaking and the rest of Public Safety in is this hard to overstate already uploaded plans in the blueprints for 3D printed AR-15 semi-automatic rifles have been downloaded more than 2500 times how concerned are you and is there anything you can actually do about that to me once it’s out there it it’s out there isn’t it so I’m very sorry about that and every American should be very concerned about that and the present United States should be very concerned about that and he can put a stop to this right now he should tell his attorneys to stand down in this litigation and allow us to in this case and move forward so yes some folks have been able to access information but obviously Anderson if it’s allowed to go forward for days weeks months obviously many more thousands of people would have access to it we want to limit that damage and we’re very thankful or judge here in Seattle our request for restraining order to shut this down nationwide for 30 years why say why are you fighting me in court then we’re going to court to go back to a time and which is illegal to do this. PA US government was in court today saying know that the entity should be allowed to post this information so once again we have an Administration we have a White House where are the left hand does know what the right hand is doing they are not communicating and concerts one another there’s nothing new about that Anderson I’ve been under so many times and have not filed three two lawsuits against this Administration in 10 cases we have decisions I want all 10 of them one of the reasons I’ve won all Tennessee Administration can’t keep their story straight they’re sloppy and frankly through dangerous when it comes to Public Safety and that’s why I’m so relieved judge last night took it took the action he did today
Federal Judge Robert Lasnik issued a temporary restraining order on Tuesday “blocking (the) federal government from allowing distribution of downloadable 3D printed” guns, according to a tweet from the Washington State Office of the Attorney General.

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