Judge Blocks Trump From Using Emergency Funds For Border Wall | MSNBC

Judge Blocks Trump From Using Emergency Funds For Border Wall | MSNBC
Judge Blocks Trump From Using Emergency Funds For Border Wall | MSNBC
But backed up on David gura on a four-day State visit to Japan, President Trump is thousands of miles away from chaos in the capital and a lot of news across the country of federal judge in Mississippi issuing a preliminary injunction last night blocking that states anti-abortion law From going into effect, the law he writes book threatens immediate harm to women’s rights, especially considering most women do not seek abortion Services until after six weeks looks like a Mississippi will appeal – and this will go next to the US court of appeals for the fifth circuit. In New Orleans on the immigration front, another federal judge another preliminary injunction. This one block the present plans to build sections of a border by declaring a national emergency. With this from Kentucky react to this Ranch hours to just subvert his agenda in favor of the chaos I mean he’s losing and he’s lost left and right and it doesn’t seem like he could achieve. Where is achieving much, I don’t think he cares stop enrichment. I can’t see what actual I’m, not even talking about legislation that I might want for a change in America that he might want. I don’t see him doing anything making it serves him when, when you ask why, maybe all he cares about is a lot of ego and something that would Downs to you know his or his family’s pocketbooks in the center of this constitutional crisis. What do you make of what you’re saying from the judicial branch? I’M not investing a lot of Hope and what’s happening right now and what’s going to be interesting, to see is assuming that these decisions that the basically are upholding the the separation of powers in the Constitution, which is very comforting and reassuring. But what’s really worrying me is what happens when these these jet lower-court decisions are affirmed and affirmed, and then the administration goes ahead and continues its position. For instance, they refuse to comply with subpoenas reduction of witnesses, those that that’s where we get a real constitutional crisis, and I don’t know what happens, but meanwhile, I’m very very reassuring, to a certain extent that the courts keep reaffirming the separation of powers Doctrine. That is, if we said they’re on the play at the Article 1 created the Congress as a co-equal branches of government and and gave every bit of legislative power to the Congress, and that’s what the big fight over is now with regard to borders. With regard to a lot of foreign policy, the Yemen resolution, for instance – so again things are positive from the the Judiciary right now. I hope it stays that way, something else Justin Amash who was at making a constitutional argument here for going ahead with impeachment proceedings. Yes, he’s a Libertarian, but that was for a long time very Central to the Republican party. This reference, I know you do. I think that to the congressman point, however, it goes back to our last segment, which is: are we going to allow the executive article to to continue to trounce on Article 1? Courts are going to be the Arbiter, which is the way the founders salt work. It out, but I think the real issues President Trump reminds me of pigpen, remember pigpen from Charlie Brown, a girl if you can keep the cat going, and you can keep the attention on the wrong things that nobody’s talking about the right things. For example, the Saudi Arabia deal this week where he sent arms or bypass the Congress and – and there were concerned about this – but again it’s like they don’t know what to do so. They do nothing any continues to plow ahead. Folks in America, I’ve said it a hundred times if they didn’t wake up. This is not normal. This is not okay. This is not how America works. The Congress has an obligation Congress with you, stand up, keep fighting. Let’S get this man out of a little bit with Nancy’s Lucy whole Missouri. I found all the detritus of democracy falling apart and his buddy still surround the help us understand that going forward to 2020, we shouldn’t be putting videos at the likes of which we saw an encore, the nation, and there is – and yet he still welcome to embraced By the fold Lindsey Graham, I feel as a perfect example of someone who is so critical of him and so critical of him, because it was the right thing to do when he was saying the right things and then all the sudden, his own political future, becomes Entangled with Donald Trump, if it’s for him to pull away from Trump, is for him to lose his sitting in the sun. I’M all the sudden. You see this change and to me that is the pure fact here I mean you look at Dustin tomorrow. She comes out and says you know we need to move forward with these proceedings literally overnight. He has a primary primary for saying something like that and at the end of the day, that’s up to Republican primary voters. So you know, if I’d say anything for Dustin tomorrow, if you’re, a republican who doesn’t normally participating primary, show up bothered about what’s going on, in which they were holding someone accountable, they’re, the ones who drive these primaries. They need to show up and make their voice heard soup. You can click subscribe or click on this list to see lots of other great videos.
The fight over immigration heats up after a federal judge takes a hammer to the president’s border wall plan, blocking its construction. MSNBC’s David Gura discusses with a panel of guests.» Subscribe to MSNBC: http://on.msnbc.com/SubscribeTomsnbc

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Judge Blocks Trump From Using Emergency Funds For Border Wall | MSNBC

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