Judge Jeanine: If you questioned the deep state’s existence, you just saw it

Judge Jeanine: If you questioned the deep state’s existence, you just saw it
Judge Jeanine: If you questioned the deep state’s existence, you just saw it
If ever there were a question whether a deep State existed, you got your answer this week, you witnessed it close and personal. In fact, you met recover their shill, their beard, a man who the actual investigation who gave to slap his name on a report. The Deep State Road to you about the Deep safe for a long time. I wrote about them in my last book: liars, leakers and liberals, the case against the anti-trump conspiracy. But now you saw it in real-time, a man who knew virtually nothing about a two-year 35 million dollar investigation. He, supposedly in his testimony before Congress. He used his open as a prophylactic to preemptively stopped any questions about FBI involvement in 2016 and 2017, and questions about Christopher Steele, the author of the infamous dossier, his mandate to investigate any coordination between the Russian government in the Trump campaign, as well as matters that Arise from the investigation and then I will talk about how the investigation started. The bases was to start it even was one at all and what the origins were of the Steele dossier, the most fundamental piece of evidence in the end fire matter. Look, we all thought something was awry with Mueller’s 9 Minute press conference back in May when he had to read the whole statement and then the same thing happened here when Mueller corrected himself again, he wasn’t saying he would charge Trump, but for the olc policy that Doesn’T allow the indictment of a sitting president, rather he meant he didn’t make a decision whether Trump broke the law because of olc really Bob, then why did you come to a conclusion on collusion? I’M going to make this very easy for you. The Democrats were hoisted on their own petard. They swore that Trump was a puppet in a Russian agent and they ran with it almost three years. They destroyed families and they’re desperate attempt to take our president down the man that you wouldn’t dare get between him and a camera, and I’m shifts real actual evidence of trump collusion with Russia that we haven’t seen how this guy even shows up in public level on Refuses to resign as chair of the house committee on intelligence is stunning. He is a stone wire, he had no evidence and he was willing to lie for political power. He even said Mueller would Breathe life into the report. Mueller not only didn’t breathe life into he suck the life out like lemonade. On a hot summer day at a dry racetrack, there were so many full Pause by Mueller. Is he stumbled and struggled? It was painful. Now. Why would Rosen Stein in 2017, Britain, man and his condition to apply to be head of the FBI a 10-year term and when Trump didn’t hire him Rosenstein appointed special counsel, because the Deep State needed a front a guy with impeccable credentials in the military and law Enforcement, although I for one always questioned his actions as FBI director during the is domestic violence case, but the FBI Comey struck page of the whole lot of them. They needed to keep someone there to prevent any real investigation into their plot to remake America. I think they’re more powerful than the president and the American people and after seeing Mueller, We Now understand why. Although a letter was sent under mother’s signature, saying he didn’t like bars assessment of the report on the phone he tells bar, he had no problem with it. It’S because he didn’t write the letter, his Trump hating pitbulls did and where there are references in the report of people lying and no charges filed. Well, take a look at who lives in Rome in London. This is the guy who told he’s the guy who starts at all using Eli’s three times, and yet you don’t charge him with a crime. James McCabe lied Peter strzok, no consequence to any of them. Christopher Steele, Fusion, GPS, Hillary Clinton, all off-limits, but the report barely mentions them. You and I know more about this report than he did. The man wasn’t familiar with Fusion GPS to Russia, which Hillary Clinton in the DNC laundered money through to give to a foreign agent reach the Russians to get dirt on Trump. How is it possible to look at Russian interference, which was Mother’s charge? If you fail to look at the Steele dossier in the role of it and the corrupt players in the FBI and the DEA, and then the man that the temerity to say the dossier was review, say it again, it’s not by the way he said things were Beyond the fundamental document, which was a basis of the fisa warrant, the Russia investigation and the whole campaign, how could he say it’s beyond his purview? It’S in the report and why was his whole team comprised of trump painting? Loving second fans is, the answer was laughable. He said he wasn’t allowed political questions. He obviously thinks we’re stupid, any us attorney, DEA, special counsel or even a privately, not hire someone simply on the basis of a resume. Unless you already decided you wanted them on your team. Please explain why gene Erie Council for the Clinton Foundation wasn’t known to it benefit Foundation. The FBI and other agencies all do background checks on these lawyers. Anyone in the justice system, especially in Washington, would know that Andrew weissmann is one of the most notoriously unethical prosecutors. The nation, even the United States Supreme Court, has said so. He has a history of prosecutorial misconduct and I’m sending innocence to jail. And how can anyone believe that he randomly in blindly selected the best lawyers, so many Trump haters, so many on-the-record Hillary lovers and not accidentally get one Republican in there is just plain stupid did not exonerate the president exonerate where the hell is that from that is An attempt to malign the president, I’ve told you this before I don’t know one prosecutor, who is never said anything like that, or you say nothing by saying you cannot exonerate mother or whoever print them up for this hearing is basically leaving the president with an anchor Around his neck, not allowing him to even rub, but whatever the I am, but he’s not exonerated from his. This is the Democrats turning Lady Justice on her head Republicans. We now know for the Brett Kavanaugh hearings are not entitled to the presumption of innocence. They are not entitled to be believed, and now, when we cannot exonerate them, we have a totally new sphere in our justice system. That is a limbo that can never be resolved. Since you can never plead your case in a courtroom, these radicals have tried to remake America. They continually create rules, we’ve never heard of they didn’t investigate the Steele dossier. They didn’t investigate whether the Russians targeted Christopher Steele weather still made it all up. This radical group of ideologues tried to use their power to overturn an election, the most outrageous abuse of power in American political history, maybe someday. We will know the truth about the attempted framing of the president by the FBI and doj officials and, more importantly, weather. That plot goes all the way to top. Has Lisa Page said to Peter struck her lover on September. 9Th 2016 quote: POTUS wants to know everything we’re doing, and that’s why open? Let me know what you think on my Facebook and Twitter. Hashtag Judge Jeanine responds to the testimony of what comes next. Alright, thanks for being here in studio, love having you here, alright ask: you was based upon something that Matt gaetz representative as the Director. Can you state with confidence that the Steele dossier was not part of Russia’s different disinformation campaign and Mueller says no. I said they. My opening statement that part of the building of the case predated Me by at least 10 months, so he saying couldn’t talk about the Steele dossier. What does that tell you search among others, one of the question, but how you could not investigate the Steele dossier and say you were investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election is a complete contradiction. Not a false statement is not a lie to me. He said he wasn’t, it wasn’t mandated with just investigating. Can you put a case against Donald Trump, the Steele dossier reached out for Russian officials also Ukrainian officials? What you end up with is that you can buy process of elimination, figure out his purview eliminated everything, but one thing frame Trump April Preston is really frightening. That used to be a defender of a people’s rights when they didn’t matter. If you were a good guy or bad guy or or Republican or Democrat McCarthyism people involved in just Joe McCarthy rules, I saw the word exonerate in the report with Jay with Jay Sekulow. I can’t tell you what I said. Your language was not the language. I can repeat on television about Sam because common sense and any dedication to 2,000 years old, which is you can’t, prove a negative Kermit, Lady Justice upside down. You know what are spread, camping or anyone else, but you’re right on your right on the point and I pull the scope of the Mueller investigation. Any links of coordination between the Russian government and individuals associated with the campaign and any manners that may arise directly from the investigation since the Steele dossier was built based upon Hillary Clinton’s, paying to Perkins coie and then to Fusion GPS and then to Christopher Steele. Supposedly he had an obligation to investigate that. front. Mr Man. He was the beard, they picked him because he couldn’t he couldn’t stand it. He shouldn’t be in charge of something.. Why didn’t they ever come forward and say Bob you’re not up to this? What are deep-set existed? You just thought he was a beard to cover the Shelf. Now I I want you to look at this, that I listen to this sound of Nadler. The Dems are all hyped up now about impeachment. Take a listen. What else who acted in this way? If they were not the sitting President, we would face criminal prosecution. We Face indictments only the office of legal counsels I saved this morning. I want to go back to one thing that was said this morning, mr. Lu, who said, and I quote, you didn’t charge the president because of the olc opinion. That is not the correct way to say it. As we say in the report, and then I said at the opening, we did not reach a determination as to whether president committed a crime he had nothing to do with toddler is another corrupted stator who I don’t know what his goal is Trump down. He comes out and says anyone else would have been indicted. The olc prevented them, from. Indicting him. This is the guy that was caught on the Amtrak. Cuz he’s got up bright, big mouth and he was saying something like this is a hanging judge who’s made up that the Trump is basically is it doesn’t matter determined to come in, and is it the guys that I’m going to nail you with you? Why I want to ask you because people can lie about Donald Trump and get away with it and rode him? Investigation was concluded on hand that executive privilege and remove the president. Did I kind of got it all wrong on the road? So just a little while ago, but it is clearing his report. He couldn’t find evidence of obstruction now. Believe me, if all those 18 Trump hitting Hillary loving out of control, some of them asleep, and one really asleep Vine for the American silver lining is. We would never know how corrupt biggest evidence against themselves that mean. The biggest mistake they may have made is to call mower, which will give you an idea of how incompetent Nadler shift. If you were a lawyer and you put that guy on the stand as your Chief Witness, you were fired, the person of the DEA and I would have filed the missing US citizen,
Jeanine Pirro breaks down former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Capitol Hill testimony.

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