Judge Napolitano: Lawyers shouldn’t let Trump near Mueller

2016 Trump Tower meeting information on Hillary Clinton the same exact thing Andrew Napolitano when he was meeting with the president macron last year he said the same thing but there are federal statute that prohibits receiving something of value from a foreign National foreign entity or foreign government so was the purpose of this meeting to receive something of value that something about mothers going to have to look but the president himself is clear of this he didn’t know about this until the New York Times Are revealed that a year after it happened and there is no Testament even out of the mouths of Michael Cohen as far as we can tell to contradict the president I’m here or conspiracy I don’t know the answer to that but unfortunately the lottery statues are written to make it easy for the government to convict so if there was an agreement to receive dirt on Hillary from the Russians even if the dirt never came if those who agreed at least one of them took some step and furtherance of the agreement then there is the potential crime for conspiracy drop or to figure out from asking people that were that were involved I don’t know a Don Jr has testified under oath before Congress that is fear Beckley secret my guess is the Bob Miller has that really knows what it was Don Jr told the drivers and we don’t know what he told him I guess is that he’s been consistent throughout that his father didn’t know about this until the news was broken up by the New York Times a year later color it sounds like the Trump team is getting closer to a decision John Roberts just broke some of that information within the last time now I am my hat is off to Rudy giuliani’s patients because it seems like every time there isn’t it papa wants to move our user affect only metaphor about mother wants to move the goalposts I would basically say mr. president we’re not going to let you anywhere near Bob Muller he knows a lot more about this case is interviewed a lot more witnesses when the government wants to talk to you mr. president it’s to help the government it’s not to help you I think Rudy has been giving that very Sound Advice to the president but the president because he said publicly not the forum for him to tell his story should just tell the American people I want to tell the story but the lawyers have advised make that’s not putting his subpoena subpoena in front of undermined him a radically I don’t think Donald Trump’s going to make that mistake and I don’t think Rudy Giuliani was very smart and experience what it comes to these these things is going to let that happen
Fox News senior judicial analyst warns the special counsel is ‘not the forum to tell his story.’

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