Judges outweighing influence over Trump’s policies?

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Judges outweighing influence over Trump’s policies?
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the Revenge of the Obama era judicial nominees to cases actually over the policy of this country the president of the United States and Europe First Federal District Court judge on Thursday denied a trump Administration request to dismiss a lawsuit challenging its decision to add a citizenship question to the 2020 census a policy by the way that is completely Sensational completely sound of New York Barack Obama appointee slower response rate to the president’s quote anti-immigrant rhetoric that’s not Portland Oregon District to use the boys locker room and restrooms students whom my parents for privacy fence for privacy and if the parents are upset will they remove their children from Dallas High School cilities to discuss the strand of the politicize judicial totally run amok let’s bring into top attorneys harmeet dhillon is a civil rights attorney in an RNC committeewoman from California and Scott Bowling Association political I’m lonely in here without either of you 1950s are you know taking these cases and really imposing their own Judicial philosophy and new standards that are not written into the law into these cases and you know you saw the exact same reasoning that judge Ferman used here which is that Wilbur Ross who’s sort of nominally in charge of the census in his Department had made some remarks about the reasoning behind wanting to count citizens that that you know raising issue of animus now the United States Supreme Court which was used in the Trump travel ban cases is bogus and not one of the elements of shouldn’t be applied and you know Clarence Thomas has spoken out on this issue as well as Nationwide injunction so basically you know this is a confusion and we have trying to supersede and impose his values over what the president gets to do asking a very reasonable question in the executive branch what constitutional argument here first of all directions to Donald Trump Donald Trump’s illegal immigrant regardless of the Supreme Court is taking that into consideration and by the way I just said that didn’t also wasn’t arrested on discrimination issues the APA was violated the court found that despite the advisory committees as well as staff ruling against it I recommend against it took another python to put them placed the case isn’t over by the way they didn’t just got passing motion massage every this decision you don’t agree with racially Despair and impact Portland Oregon transgender bathrooms that’s the way for the transgender bathroom case an issue for a long time but this is interesting because it’s a parent’s group and said okay we understand that we represent whose students whose Sons and Daughters do not want to share a bathroom for whatever reason with a transgender person of the Osborne of the opposite sex and this judge said and if you have a problem leave the district is that a is that the kind of thing that would survive scrutiny I know that’s the ninth circuit so anything goes in a circuit but parents group but maybe I’m misreading it no I agree with you Laura I think it’s harsh and it’s wrong obviously transgender students who I think you know may need you know number of supports and medical support are they have rights obviously but the vast majority the students are not transgender and they have rights to including their privacy rights and you know people who are transgender in their youth they may switch back and forth the Specter has a raise which I think is a real one of people abusing this transgender labeling and to get an order. You know people get into the girls bathroom that’s not really you know appropriate to only look at one side or the other and I can tell you you know I’m a girls locker rooms we’ve been there Laura and you know everything is showing and it’s not really something that you wanted measure to have a guy looking at your body I’m sorry to say aperio taxpayers and they were right to have their kids educated fairly and what else is a wallet not compared to the protected class that the transgender students rest in and look at it this way the judges just following the law there’s no politics here carry federal judge this look at this case and looked at other similar cases around the country you check the records they have sided with the transgender students because they cannot be discriminated simply because they identify with being a woman identify with being a guy it’s not Anatomy that count and they’re in a protected class until this decision is based on the law not politics you may not like it but you got to live with it I mean Anatomy obviously does count and it is relevant and the and the other students have privacy rights to their needs to be a balance not just one-sided living in reality I give me a break this today then tomorrow agenda. pretty much pro bono the hallway and 9th circuit said your case can go forward we’re going to be watching that very closely had a great argument congratulations on that and thanks to both of you for being here tonight
Two cases raise questions about the influence of judges; attorneys Harmeet Dhillon and Scott Bolden react on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’

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