Julian Assange: The most dangerous man in the world?

Julian Assange: The most dangerous man in the world?
Julian Assange: The most dangerous man in the world?
Hello and welcome to the France 24 interview. He spent seven years holed up in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London and is now in the cities Belmont prison awaiting possible extradition to the United States to face charges for violating the Espionage Act by publishing military and diplomatic files. In 2010, hero and others are described as the most dangerous man in the world and the most dangerous man in the world of a 2011 book about Julian Assange by the investigative journalist Andrew fella who’s. Most recent shooting the messenger criminalizing journalism is published by Route sage and Andrew Fowler joins me now, and thanks for joining us for the France 24 interview now very quickly, Julian science, in United States. You met him on several occasions. Most recently, I believe in 2016, in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. What do you think is going through his mind while he’s sitting in Belmont prison who reads these United Nations reports on torches report on Julian Assange? I think he is under extraordinary psychological pressure. I think he’s terrified. I think he feels lonely. I think he feels that he’s I’ll see you in the pool to save by the mob, he’s actually being attacked by many people. Would journalists who supposedly should support him? I think it feels very much alone and then very frightened personality of a sign. You should many people say that he’s a journalist, some say that he’s a militant all they say he’s an opportunist. Others say that he saw sing for the rights of the Pressed. Where would you place him in order those descriptions kvist for somebody who’s the militant, then we missed the point of the work that he does has a journalist, which is what the high court, as described in Madison journalistic Awards to be a certain kind of journalist. What is, I think, miss the point. He’S done gently work, he’s recognized as being a journalist, the important point to remember. If you take away during the song’s use journalism, the fact that he’s a journalist, you remove one of the major prudential’s that he has to defend himself against the Espionage in the United States, the consequences of a deal protected to a certain extent stripping him off his Title of journalist has always been the objective of those that opposed the word. Asajj does that many people could argue that you didn’t sign just bulldozed based on himself by his Reckless Behavior and Publishing document said maybe should not have been published about the 2010 documents which showed the shooting all the civilians in Iraq, the collateral mode of it. If you go forward in time to the publication of emails that was already submitted by Russia over the Hillary Clinton campaign, what was wrong with that as a journalist, if you get material as a songs, dude for one of the source, and you can corroborate her to Make sure that it’s accurate and it’s in the public interested and I think they Hillary Clinton in the public interest to know they show the Hillary Clinton Vontage supported inside the Democrat Party by people and he published. I asked you: is there a journalist on the planet who wouldn’t do to stop Sanders? That was a point to be made. What is Julian Assange is driving force. This is something that it’s very difficult to pinpoint as a personality. I find him to be. I’Ve already passed a bold, straightforward, very easy person to deal with this painted he’s extremely intelligent, extremely capable of extreme hummus extreme eight self-deprecating, but also knows what he wants, and he doesn’t agree with the way that they be colder traditional media. But if you look at the way things have turned out for him after 7 years in the Ecuadorian Embassy he went in there. All three jump fail, obedience to avoid that. If he enjoy taking risks, he should have gone to Sweet and it’s a difficult point tonight. If you can point to argue, but the point is Lesage Vols Jutsu appeal to the human rights court on the night before he was due to infuriating – is that he’s so often right about what he says 70 years ago? Stop is now feeling emboldened two-stepping to newsrooms and go through reporters files and go through emails on fishing Expeditions. Looking for information, which is indeterminate looking for the world was very, very broad, so who’s going to get some documents who’s going to run the risk of receiving documents for holding you face between 2 and 7 years prison. For that, I think, is having a tremendous chilling effect. I just lost point is that these are the stories that really matter. I mean the stories about Road Safety. The stories about buildings in Paris, stone statues are important in peace, and this is a story of war and hopefully Pace your book, shooting the messenger biting each other’s sandwiches published by Route H, and thank you for being our guest on this edition of the interview on From 24th until next time, thanks for joining us at goodbyes,
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Julian Assange spent seven years holed up in the Ecuadoran embassy in London and is now in the city’s Belmarsh prison awaiting possible extradition to the United States – this to face charges for violating the US Espionage Act by publishing military and diplomatic files in 2010. The WikiLeaks founder is seen by some as a hero, while others have described him as “The Most Dangerous Man in the World” – the title of a 2011 book by our guest Andrew Fowler, an award-winning investigative journalist.

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