Just how much time are you spending on your social apps?

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Just how much time are you spending on your social apps?
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Facebook just pulled out new tools to help people spend a healthier amount of time on Facebook and Instagram it includes an activity dashboard a daily reminder and a new way to limit all those notifications that you get throughout the day Facebook one of the latest in a handful of tech giants like apple and YouTube to really lean into this idea of more digital well being especially given that there’s been a giant backlash and how addictive and obsessive we can be with social media and various forms of tax that we really come to rely on I brought my 17 year old daughter Geneva here to test all of this out we were able to go Hands-On and beta test these new tools before they actually want are guinea pig you spent a lot more time on Instagram did you think so too me too I felt that I spent like 2 or 3 hours on the Instagram everyday I learned that I actually spend way less time on Instagram than I suspected Alice. Because like when you hear averages runs like your team spends like 4 hours or just really insane amount of time on social media so I was expecting like 2 to 3 hours only spending less than an hour and yeah less than our average today it says I spend 45 minutes average do you think you’re spending less time because we’re paying attention to it absolutely I get really competitive and I was like alright if this is tracking me I want to make it the lowest I can possibly be absolutely yeah I really think it is I think it’s really good too just make you aware of how much time you’re spending on social media and see if you can change it if you want to totally worried about you spending too much time on your phone because there are these negative side effects to that I just think if it’s getting in the way of are like interaction with others and being a hoe the person then it’s time to spend less time on your phone possible for managing and making sure it’s he’s going to healthy way Instagram or Facebook Instagram do anything better to help you monitor a limit your time and be more healthy with their knowledge the only thing I can think of is making it more like apps like right like when you open your app showing you look how much time versus having to go settings activity with that it’s difficult but Craig you can read more about these new tools the latest ass all that kind of good stuff in the column with this video a usatoday.com I’m Jennifer Jolly with my daughter Geneva and this is Tech now
Tech columnist Jennifer Jolly looks at a tool to track how much time you spend on apps like Instagram and Facebook


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